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The world's 9 most embarrassing town names

They may well be nice places to visit. But could you handle the shame of living there?

Funny town names collage

 Condom, France

1. Condom, France

Boasting the lowest number of teenage pregnancies in France. Probably.


2. Accident, Maryland

The town that's just waiting to happen.

 Middelfart, Denmark

3. Middelfart, Denmark

If you end up in Shitterton (see below), you know you've gone too far.

Wank, Germany

4. Wank, Germany

Its hotels have the highest single occupancy rates in Germany. Probably.

 Windpassing, Austria

5. Windpassing, Austria

Twinned with Middelfart in Denmark.

 Shitterton, UK

6. Shitterton, UK

Easily reached from either  Windpassing or Middelfart.

 Moron, Spain

7. Moron, Andalusia

Renowned throughout Spain for its excellent educational facilities. Maybe.

 Bendova, Czech Republic

8. Bendova, Czech Republic

The townsfolk here will do anything to keep you happy.


9. Dull, Scotland

Now proudly twinned with Boring in Oregon.

Have you come across any embarrassingly named towns in your travels? Pop over to our forum post on Towns with Funny Names and tell us all about it.

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