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The world's 8 most clichéd travel photos

How many are you guilty of?

Kissing the Sphinx (jm575)

1. Kissing the Sphinx

Crossing Abbey Road (badgreeb fattkatt)

2. Crossing Abbey Road

Holding the Eiffel Tower (Rightee)

3. Holding the Eiffel Tower

Posing with a Royal Guard

4. Posing with a Royal Guard

Christ the Redeemer (Over Kind Man)

5. Mimicking Christ the Redeemer

Taj Mahal (willposh)

6. 'Doing a Diana' at the Taj Mahal

Posing with a pyramid (rancid ameoba)

7. Touching the top of the Great Pyramid

Tower of Pisa (johhno)

8. Pushing the Tower of Pisa

Are you guilty of posing in photos like these? Are there any 'classics' we've missed? Tell us in the comments below. Or better still, why not post your photos over in the myWanderlust photography section so we can all have a good laugh?

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