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The world's 7 most eccentric restaurants

Dine like a cave man. Or with a rabbit. Eating out has never been crazier (with videos)

Lizard reading a menu (Reptile Cafe)

1. Ka-Tron Flying Chicken, Bangkok, Thailand

Where BBQ chickens are set on fire, catapulted through the air, and caught by a waiter riding a unicycle.

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2. Dr Fish Cafe, Gangnam, South Korea

Where fish nibble at your dead skin while you nibble on your lunch.

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3. Rabbit and Grow Fat, Tokyo, Japan

Where fluffy bunnies gambol around you as you enjoy a cake and tea. NB Trying to eat one of the rabbits is considered bad form.

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4. Count Dracula Club, Bucharest, Romania

Where a guy dresses up as Dracula and hassles you as you eat. Can be a bit of a pain in the neck.

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5. Stone Age (Pravěk), Prague, Czech Republic

Where staff shuffle around as cavemen and serve you original prehistoric meals. Cutlery strictly forbidden as it hadn't been invented then.

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Roswell Maccas

6. UFO-themed McDonalds, Roswell, USA

Where you get an alien in your McFlurry. Just around the corner from the UFO-themed Walmart.

7. Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo, The Philippines

Where you – and your lunch – get a little damp.

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