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The world's 7 craziest food museums

Strange ways that humble foodstuffs are celebrated around the world

Frietmuseum (Peter Moore)

1. Frietmuseum, Bruges, Belgium

Nothing bugs the Belgians more than everyone thinking the French invented potato fries. This museum about all things deep-fried was set up to set the world straight. 

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Currywurst Museum (Official website)

2.  Currywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany

Currywurst may be nothing more than a sausage with curry sauce. But that hasn't stopped Berliners opening a museum celebrating their favourite greasy snack. And creating an accompanying cartoon character to boot.

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Raumen Museum (Official website)

3.  Raumen Museum, Yokohama, Japan

In Japan, there are as many different types of ramen noodle dishes as words eskimos use for snow. You can try them all here.

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Pizza Brain Museum (official website)

4. Pizza Brain Pizza Museum, Philadelphia, USA

There are many pizza museums in the world. But this is the only one that serves pizza-flavoured ice cream.

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Spam Museum (Larry Page)

5. Spam Museum, Austin, Minnesota

According to the website, the highlight of any visit to the Spam Museum is having your photo taken with Spammy, the company mascot. Enough said.

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Dutch cheese (Coanri/Rita)

6. Dutch Cheese Museum, Alkmaar, Netherlands

A collection of old tools and instruments used to make cheese throughout the centuries; this museum comes to life during the annual cheese race. As the website says, 'Say cheese, say Alkmaar.'

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Burnt Food (official website)

7.  The Burnt Food Museum, Arlington, Massachusetts

This museum was set up 20 years ago to 'celebrate the art of culinary disaster.' That it is still going strong proves that it is an art that won't be lost any time soon. Unlike your appetite.

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