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The world's 6 craziest theme parks

From JCBs to farting dog rollercoasters, these theme parks go to extremes to stand out from the crowd

Sui Tien Buddha Park, Vietnam

1.  Suoi Tien Park, Vietnam

Kids might come to this Buddhist-themed amusement park for the giant splash park and various rides. But it's Heaven Palace, the Park's vision of what awaits those who gamble and take drugs that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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Bobbon Land

2. Bonbon Land, Denmark

A theme park based on Danish confectionery, yet featuring a roller coaster that takes riders on an exciting journey around giant mounds of dog poo. Just what do they put in their chocolate?

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3.  Plopsaland, Belgium

While we're on the theme, this theme park is based on Belgium cartoon characters called The Plops. Eat at the Plop restaurants. Buy a trinket or two from the Plop Shop. Go on, you know you want to.

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4. Diggerland, UK

Unleash your inner Bob the Builder, in four convenient locations around the UK.

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Harmony Land

5. Harmony Land, Japan

Are the Japanese being ironic? Dedicated to all things Hello Kitty, this garish, neon eyesore is clearly not in harmony with its surrounding.

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Love Land

6. Love Land, South Korea

Set on Chegu, South Korea's famous honeymoon island, this theme park claims that its aim is to break down sexual taboos. Clearly, it was set up to give clueless newlyweds some clues.

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