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The world's 5 coolest underwater hotels

Sleeping over the sea is so passé: all the cool kids are spending the night under the waves. Here are five places you can too...

Manta Resort, Pemba (Manta Resort)

1. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

The underwater suites at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, just up from Zanzibar, are private floating islands, with a bedroom four metres below the surface. The top deck is ideal for sunbathing and stargazing. The water deck is ideal for lounging and dining. And the bedroom? Well, be prepared to be surrounded by millions of prying aquatic eyes.

Room rates are fully-inclusive, with meals brought out to the suites by boat and served by a suitably attired waiter. Grilled snapper is a speciality, but be prepared to feel guilty when the rest of its family swim by later in the night.

2. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

For something altogether a little more basic, pop down to the Florida Keys and try out Jules’ Undersea Lodge, the world’s first truly aquatic hotel.

The former marine lab was turned into a hotel in 1986 and guests must scuba dive six metres below the surface, just to get in. Luggage and meals – including pizza from the local Papa John’s are bought to the lodge in waterproof containers. And there's free WiFi. Result.

3. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

They don’t do things by halves in Dubai. And underwater hotel rooms are no different. The Poseidon and Neptune suites at Atlantis, The Palm, have floor-to-ceiling windows offering captivating views of the 65,000 marine creatures swimming around the hotel's Ambassador Lagoon. There’s a butler on call 24 hours a day, complimentary massages and a huge LCD TV should you get bored by the fish.

4. Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore

Not to be outdone by the good folk in the Gulf, Resorts World at Sentosa in Singapore offer Ocean Suites that are the pinnacle of underwater luxury. Decked out like deluxe two-storey townhouses, the suites consist of an upper level, with an outdoor patio and a Jacuzzi, and a lower level with an underwater view of over 50,000 fish. Oh, and your own personal butler.

5. Utter Inn, Västerås, Sweden

If you’re looking for a more rustic experience, head to Sweden’s Lake Mälaren and the Utter Inn, a tiny wooden building bobbing in the choppy waters. Utter means ‘Otter’ in English, and if you’re lucky you might spot one gambolling past your window in the cosy bedroom 10 feet below the surface, Chances are, however, you’ll only see the occasional perch and pike.

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