The World According To Will Millard

Writer, expedition leader and presenter of the BBC series, Hunters of the South Seas, Will Millard, reveals the secrets of his world of travel

7 mins

Mountain, desert, ocean or jungle … which are you?

Definitely jungle. There is something innately thrilling about being in the Equatorial forest.

What was your first great travel experience?

When I was about ten, we went to Provence. We had our own villa to tear around in and three swimming pools. I felt like a king!

What has been your favourite journey?

In 2012 I attempted the first unbroken crossing of the Indonesian state of West Papua – making it through 2,000 km of swamps and mountains to the coast.

Which are your top five places worldwide?

Padaiso Islands – off West Papua; Gunung Leuser NP, Sumatra; Donsol, Philippines; Gordale Scar, Malham; the Gower, Llangennith beach.

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?

As a student in Singapore, I accidentally entered Malaysia illegally. A friendly border official wrote “entered by train” in biro in my passport!

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?

Bhutan – the happiest country in Asia. I'd really like to go with my dad to see the Bhutan glory butterfly.

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?

Sitting down in my long-haul seat in the knowledge that I've almost certainly snuck far more than the regulation amount of hand luggage on board!

Will Millard is a journalist and TV presenter. His latest series, Hunters of the South Seas, was broadcast on BBC2.

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