Mac in Africa on the group's journey to Cape Town (Max Adventures)
Interview Words : Daisy Cropper | 13 November

The world according to... Mac Mackenney

Record-breaking overlander, Mac Mackenney, tells us his guilty travel pleasures and the trips he's enjoyed the most



What was your first great travel experience?

Arctic Norway with the British Army

What has been your favourite journey?

Ten weeks with Ranulph Fiennes on the sea ice of the Bering Strait trying to ‘swim’ a Land Rover across to Russia.

Which are your top five places in the world?

1. Ward Hunt Island, Canada (most northerly point)

2. Wales, Alaska (closest point to Russia)

3. Tamanrasset in the heart of the Sahara

4. Nordkapp, Norway (Europe’s most northerly point)

5. Road from Everest Base Camp, Tibet to Friendship Bridge, Nepal.

I think the theme seems to be: as far away from civilisation as possible.

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?

Saudi, because it took two years to get it

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?

If they did one just for Siberia, that would be cool.

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?

When we arrived in Cape Town following the record drive, we were treated like royalty – huge suite, champagne, massive bed, top quality food etc. I just loved being spoilt, but it’s not real travel in my book. 

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