The Wanderlust Guide to the Best of Argentina

Dance the tango in Buenos Aires, hike the Andes, spot penguins on the Atlantic coast and ride horses in Patagonia – Argentina is a country that will keep you moving

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Vast and inscrutable, Argentina's magnificent landscapes stretch from spectacular waterfalls in the north across expansive drum-flat pampas, fringed by the Andes on one side and the Atlantic on the other, to the glaciers, lakes and mountains of the deep south.

City slickers love the pace of Buenos Aires, where handsome locals jostle for your attention with the Parisian-style architecture. In Mendoza you can ski down the foothills of Aconcagua (South America’s highest peak) before dropping into a local winery and gorging on a giant steak with a glass of fine red.

For the ultimate wilderness experience, head south to Patagonia. The Tierra del Fuego National Park adjoins Chile's Torres del Paine, a dramatic barrier of jagged, glaciated mountains that stand guard at the bottom of the world.

The biggest problem you’ll have when travelling through Argentina is fitting everything in.

Laguna De Los Tres (

Laguna De Los Tres, Patagonia (Shutterstock)

Looking for inspiration?

Stretching from the Tropic of Capricorn to the fringes of the Antarctic, Argentina has it all – wilderness and wine, peaks and penguins, cosmopolitan cities and hard-bitten cowboys. And with a little help from Chris Moss’s Argentina travel blueprint, you’ll be able to dig out the best bits and plan your perfect itinerary.

Perhaps you’ve already got your heart set on a road trip to Patagonia. Check out Chris’s article on his road trip to Argentina’s deep south and get ready to unleash your inner Chatwin. If you fancy a bit of a stroll over mint-blue ice while you’re down there, make sure you drop by Jasper Winn’s piece on glacier hiking.

Should you find yourself in the north of the country Mark Eveleigh suggests heading west, the most traditional and timeless part of the country. Oliver Marshall states the case for dropping by (but not over) the spectacular Iguaçu Falls. And Lyn Hughes marvels at the life aquatic on the Argentina’s great wetlands, the Esteros del Iberá, learning the difference between a capybara and a caiman.

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Gauchos in Cafayate. (

Gauchos in Cafayate (Shutterstock)

Argentina from the saddle

Argentina is the perfect place to discover your inner cowboy, or gaucho, as they like to refer to themselves in this neck of the pampas. It’s the perfect way to soak up the scenery and appreciate a slower pace of life, whether that’s high in the Andes, like the ride Adam Baines took, or amongst the glaciers, like Michael Woods. Or you could combine it with a wine-tasting tour, like Sarah Gilbert did in Mendoza. Just remember, kids: Don’t drink and ride!

In Buenos Aires, however, you might want to mount a different type of steed, and tour the city by bicycle instead.

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Couple dancing in Buenos Aires.

Couple dancing in Buenos Aires (Shutterstock)

Argentina’s secrets revealed

With a little bit of planning – and the right advice – you can ‘experience’ everything that Argentina has to offer in Buenos Aires. And better still, without spending a peso. Want a bit of cowboy culture? Drop by the Mataderos.  Keen to try your hand at the tango? Take a free lessons after 7pm on Sunday nights at the Barrancas de Belgrano park. Want more of these gold-plated tips? Check out our article, 10 things to do for free in Buenos Aires.

Food bloggers Morin and Salo love eating in Argentina, particularly the desserts. You will too, after you follow their tips on the 4 irresistible sweets you must try while you’re there. If you’re hankering for something a bit more savoury, super chef, Martin Milesi, from Restaurant RAIZ in Buenos Aires, shares the secret to knocking up the perfect Empanadas Argentinas.

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La Boca (

La Boca neighbourhood, Buenos Aires (Shutterstock)

Capturing it all on film

When photographer Sarah Freeman toured Argentina, she was bowled over by the country's vibrant hues. From vibrant colonial architecture to nature's bright and beautiful spectacles, there was always something to catch her eye. She shares her favourite shots in a colourful gallery here.

Our readers have been similar smitten too. You’ll find their best shots – and plenty of inspiration – amongst their photos from Argentina.

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Perito Moreno glacier (

Perito Moreno glacier (Shutterstock)

Everything you need to know

Ready to start planning your trip? Our Argentina Travel Guide is the place to start. Make sure you drop by our Argentina Essential Info page as well, for more everyday (but equally vital) information. And we’ve rounded up the latest travel news from Argentina too.

Chances are you’ll end up in Buenos Aires at some point. Our First 24 Hours guide will be invaluable.

If you have a particular question about Argentina, pop over to the myWanderlust Forum where our knowledgeable community are ready to spring into action and share all that they know. Or check out the questions that have already been asked about Argentina. The answer to yours might already be there.

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Perito Moreno National Park (

Perito Moreno National Park (Shutterstock)

Ready to go?

Here’s a selection of fantastic tours offered by our partners. From gaucho horse-riding tours to treks in the wilds of Patagonia, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

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Our Trip Finder can help you find adventures in Argentina

Main image: Artist selling colourful paintings, La Boca (Shutterstock)

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