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Tackling the Trans Himachal in a Suzuki Alto

Our featured blogger, Anushile Argawal, survived treacherous mountain passes in a totally inappropriate car. And has the videos to prove it

Breakdown in the Himachal (Anushile)

I had to go.

There were so many ‘what ifs' but once we left, it did not matter.

Rishi was excited, He was also positive we'd make it to Spiti. I was pitching for Sangla. Spiti in a Suzuki Alto was, hmmm, too much of responsibility.

I was 100% sure I would come back. I have a strong heart, let's say. And I was 90% sure that I would bring Rishi back, too. (There was a 10% possibility he would lose his heart to the bare, barren land and run away to live there. But the car? That was another matter.)

I would hate it if we had to change our plans just because we had a car and we had to take care of it. OK, I had no plans, but I did not want any spoilers either. What if we couldn't bring the car back? Would Rishi accept that it was just a thing?

I had mildly (I guess) hinted to Rishi that the car will not be the same again. I insisted that he get every nut and bolt tightened, every gear and chain oiled, every tyre and tube changed. In the end would it cost too much money to be that cautious. We simply upgraded the music system instead...

We dumped everything in the backseat. The Alto was going to be home for a while.

A lot was going on in my head. Was I taking things too far? Rishi was equally involved, but I was the one who felt responsible. I did not want to travel with a responsibility. Naveen had hinted three was merrier, somehow that stuck in my head; Monjo never picked up the phone in the last minute. The trip was suddenly 50% costlier for the two of us, but I guess it had to be just two of us.

The night drove us to Chandigarh, I do not think we stopped midway. There was nothing to stop for. We had everything we needed. I wanted to get off the plains as soon as possible.

The dawn broke just when we hit the Himachal Expressway enroute to Shimla. I took it as welcome sign by Himachal. The mountains were beckoning us, I knew they would be good to us.

I had to take a walk, I had to go.

AnushileTravel the Trans Himachal | Anushile Argawal

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