Inside Peru's Skylodge Adventure Suites

This 'hotel' is not for the faint hearted. Wake up at the wing-level of soaring Andean condors, 400 metres above the Sacred Valley

4 mins

This might be the only ‘hotel’ on the planet that asks guests to don a harness and hard hat for check-in. But as you climb a staircase of 170 steel rungs, while attached to a strand of high tensile aluminium wire, you quickly realise this won’t be like anything you’ve ever experienced before.

After a 75-minute climb to 400 metres above Peru’s Sacred Valley, guests ascend into ‘rooms’ that are more like space capsules than suites. The three polycarbonate sleeping pods can accommodate up to four guests, with one double bed and two singles.

By day, you can ponder inquisitive condors, twisting and soaring in the thermals beside your pillow – and in the middle distance you may catch a glimpse of the Hiram Bingham train as it rolls towards Cusco.


Enjoy a heart meal in the dining pod (Natura  Vive)

Enjoy a heart meal in the dining pod (Natura Vive)

The pods cling to the side of the mountain (Natura  Vive)

The pods cling to the side of the mountain (Natura Vive)

By night, however, the sky transforms from electric blue to a deep, matte black, dappled in billions of flickering stars. A head for heights is a must, but once you’re settled and de-harnessed, it doesn’t take long for the adrenaline rush to subside. The tourist scrum of nearby Machu Picchu will soon be forgotten. Clinging to a mossy mountainside, in a luxury greenhouse with no Wi-Fi, does wonders for feeling mindful and living in the moment.

Hearty, organic soups and stews are served in a nearby dining pod that’s reached by another short climb. There’s coca tea to alleviate the effects of soroche (altitude sickness) or a tipple of Peruvian pisco – just don’t overdo it, you’ve got to descend back to your bed.

As for check-out, well, that’s via a series of high-speed zip lines strung across deep ravines. Of course.

A night at Skylodge Adventure Suites costs PEN 1,475 (£343) per person, and includes climbing, zip lining, all meals and transfers to and from Cusco. Head to to find out more and book.

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