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5 alternative ways to save for a BIG trip

The nagging issue of cost always seems to rear its ugly head when you're planning the next big trip, says Warren Talbot. Don't miss these five proven strategies to save for your next adventure

1. Sell some stuff

If you're like us, you have a plethora of items laying around the house that you never use. These are items you are holding onto either out of sentimentality or with the belief you may need it some day... though 'some day' never seems to appear.

Selling some or all of your stuff can be a fast way to get closer to your dream trip, while freeing up space in your home. GumTree, eBay or Craigslist are outstanding resources to sell items quickly and with the least amount of hassle.

2. Bring your own bowl 'soup night'

A night out with friends socialising and catching up always costs more than expected, and will move you further from taking your big trip. Instead of a night out on the town, consider starting a regular 'soup night' at home.

Each week invite friends to your place with a request to bring their own bowl, spoon, and wine. You provide the soup (or meal of your choice) and the fun. The result is a great alternative to the expense of a night out and you get to start a new tradition with your closest of friends.

3. Freelance

You may be surprised at the wide variety of options available today to earn a bit of extra cash to get you closer to your next destination. From editing books (have you checked out the number of errors in ebooks these days?), WordPress Development (it is easier than you think to get started), designing cakes (we know two people who turned this into full businesses), part-time job at a music store, to writing.

The list of alternatives is endless. And who knows? You may find a new career blossom following your passion in the process.

4. Delay those little luxuries

We all have those small luxuries that "get us through the week". It may be treating yourself to a new outfit, stocking up on coffee every morning or buying an expensive bottle of wine. Could you skip these for a month to get closer to your dream trip? These extra expenses can add up to big amounts over time.

Do the maths and understand what each of your 'little luxuries' means per week/month/year. Are you willing to drink the cheap stuff for a few weeks in order to lie on the beach or explore the wilds of Mongolia a few months sooner?

5. Create your 'phrase to save'

In our book, Dream Save Do, we introduced the concept of a 'phrase to save' to help you stay on track with your savings goal. Any time you are tempted to purchase something you use this phrase to weigh it against relaxing, trekking, cycling, exploring on your next trip.

This could be as simple as "would I rather have these shoes or a nice meal out when I'm in Buenos Aires?" Creating and using your 'phrase to save' will help you prioritise your next trip and get you on an aeroplane sooner as a result.

In 2010, Warren Talbot and his wife Betsy took off on an around-the-world journey. A year later, they revealed their financial and mental strategies in Dream Save Do, the definitive guide to funding any big dream. They can currently be found on a train, bus, or camel crossing the vast expanse of Asia and Europe during their 18,000km journey from Thailand to Portugal. Find out more here: Married with Luggage.

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