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SAS Crew Guide to London

They're busy bringing visitors to London 2012. Here's where they say you should go once you arrive

1. Chimes

26 Churton Street, Pimlico

Outstanding pies – my favourite is pheasant, orange and walnut – with beer-battered cod and chips and mushy peas. Finish with the apple crumble or the raspberry syllabub.

From: Henrik S, Air Steward, SAS

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2. Food for thought

31 Neal Street

Delicious vegetarian food, healthy and very reasonably priced. It's about £8 for a tasty meal.

The restaurant has been around since 1974 and has seen its fair share of theatre-goers filling up ahead of a long show. And continuing the night there afterwards.

From: Joe L, Flight Attendant, Air Canada

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3. Mandalay Burmese Restaurant

444 Edgeware Road

This Burmese restaurant is run by a family from Burma. The food is always fresh and fantastic.

From: Liz F, Service Director, Air Canada

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4. Michelin House

81 Fulham Road

The Conran Shop is well known, but the real attraction here is the building that houses the shop: it was the original headquarters and tyre depot for the French company, Michelin, opened in 1911.

Admire its art noveau and art deco features, stained glass windows and mosaic floors, all featuring Bibendum, the famous Michelin Man.

From: Lena S ,Captain, SAS

5. RAF Museum


At the London Aerodrome at Hendon you'll find the Royal Airforce museum with more than 70 historic aircraft. One of them, a British Halifax bomber, is in the same condition it was when it was recovered from the bottom of Lake Holkingen in Norway.

From: Rolf L. Pilot, SAS

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6. St Christopher's Place

Near Bond Street tube station

If you want to escape the hectic pulse of Oxford Street, look for the tiny entrance to this small alley opposite Bond Street tube station. Here you will find a collection of cosy restaurants, bars, boutiques in a calm and inspiring environment.

From: Per H, Pilot, SAS

SAS Crew GuideScandinavian Airlines (SAS) operates more flights to and from the UK than any other airline. The SAS Crew Guide is updated every year and is full of top travel tips from cabin crew and pilots. You can download it as a free app for your smart phone here.


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