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Hundreds of you joined us and our travel experts for a virtual exploration Louisiana where we learned heaps about eclectic New Orleans, the adventurous swamplands, the Cajun and Creole culture of the state and the joyful region of Lafayette. If you missed the live event or had to leave early, then you can catch up on a full recording of the event and find the answers to your questions here...

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Your questions answered

When is the best time to visit Louisiana?

Spring and autumn are both great times to visit and to be out and about in Louisiana. We also have over 400 festivals a year in Louisiana and the bulk of them take place in spring with some in autumn. It is also a great time to visit temperature-wise as Louisiana can get very hot in the summer. If you are looking to escape the winter cold, then winter is also a good time to visit Louisiana as we have really mild winters and a lot of great Christmas celebrations.

What would you suggest as a general, all round itinerary?

Most people start in New Orleans which is a great gateway and very easy to get to. Spend a couple of nights in New Orleans before heading to the plantation country of Baton Rouge across to Lafayette and then back down through the Lake Charles area. Then it’s back to the river road, passing Thibodaux before heading back to New Orleans. It’s a really good loop, the driving distances aren’t huge and if you can stay for ten days to two weeks it really gives you the chance to stop and enjoy the slow, Southern way of life! The experts at America As You Like it can help put the perfect itinerary together for you. 

What is Louisiana like for travelling with children?

Louisiana is very community oriented and if the local people can tell you are not from here, they will take you under their wing and tell you where all the good places to visit are so it is a very welcoming place for everyone, including children. Most of the places are very child-friendly and even Mardi-Gras is a very child-friendly celebration.

What's the public transport like? Do you need to drive and how easy is it?

If you are going to be visiting multiple cities then we would definitely recommend driving, at least to get from one major city to another. From New Orleans to Baton Rouge, for example, it’s only about an hour. From Baton Rouge to Lafayette, it’s another hour again, so only very short drives. Once you are in those places, you can just park your car and leave it! New Orleans is very walkable and famous for its streetcars. All of the main cities have taxi services so it’s easy to get back to your hotel if you have wondered off too far! Some areas are more spread out than others so in plantation country for example, there is a lot of land between places so for that its better to have your own car. But in general, you can definitely get around without having to do too much driving.

Would you recommend an RV?

Absolutely! We have RV hook ups at all of the state parks that you can park and camp at, as well as more luxurious RV resorts. Louisiana is a great place to explore by camper van as we have a lot of outdoor space that you can explore. Most of the state parks have places for hiking, paddling and fishing meaning you can reach all of that from the doorstep of your RV!

I’m hoping to visit Louisiana in March next year and would love to go on a swamp tour. Any tips how to find a good tour operator that’s respectful to wildlife and the environment?

America As You Like It works with very good operators and can easily arrange a swamp tour for you. The Louisiana website also has loads of ideas for outdoor adventures, including swamp tours so you can scout out the various locations. There are many that have been family owned and operated for many years and co-exist peacefully with the wildlife so they can continue to share them for future generations.

How close do you get to the alligators on a kayak tour?

Believe it or not, the alligators will be scared of you! They fear anything that is bigger than them and kayaks and canoes are bigger than alligators. So don’t fret, but they will get close enough to see for sure.

Are there mosquitos in Louisiana?

Unfortunately, yes, but some good bug spray will do the trick. They are not too bad in the day, so if you want to avoid them then just don’t be out at dusk.

What is Lafayette like for solo female travellers?

Lafayette is an extremely laid back city. One thing I will tell you is that if someone hears your accent or know you’re not local, then they will talk to you, ask you to dance, ask you what you have seen and done and make recommendations. So you will definitely be welcome as Lafayette loves having visitors.

How far is Lafayette from New Orleans?

Around two-and-a-half hours from New Orleans and about three and half hours from Houston, Texas. 

Is it possible to combine Louisiana with other states?

Yes, you can definitely combine Louisiana with any of the other southern states. See the America As You Like It website for some ideas.

Where's the best place to go to understand the African American history in the state?

There is a newly launched Civil Rights Trail in Louisiana. Also the plantations address the issues and history of slavery in open and honest detail.

What do the experts recommend? 

Maggi Smit from America As You Like It: I would say you should definitely spend a couple of nights in one of the plantation houses.

Eugenie Mitchell from Tourism Sales for Lafayette: You can’t experience Louisiana without meeting the people so find a local hot spot where the have live music and listen, learn and just be with the people and have fun.

Jennifer Berthelot from Louisiana Office of Tourism: You can’t come here without seeing some live music. You need to see it somewhere really authentic and where it is really natural. It depends on where you are, but if you are on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans then you can walk up and down the road and pop in and out of places and experience different types of music. Or if you are in Lafayette, then head to Blue Moon Saloon to hear really great and authentic Cajun music. Make sure you listen to live, local music and hear from the people who are doing it every day.

What did you have to say? 

Thank you so much for the most interesting travel ideas. 

Absolutely fantastic thank you. 

Thank you all, that was so interesting and it’s on my list now!

How amazing. Louisiana is climbing up my to go list!

Brilliant session, thanks so much everyone!

Good presentations, thanks everyone. 

Looks fabulous! Can't wait to visit. 

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