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Quiz: How much do you really know about UK traditions?

From crustless cucumber sandwiches to dances with swords, the UK is as famous for its traditions as it is its fish and chip shops. Time to sit down with a cup of tea and delve into the quirky and bizarre..

Guards at Buckingham Palace (Shutterstock)

1. No English village green is complete without a bit of Morris Dancing. Which of the following is not a style of this traditional folk dance?





2. You can’t get much more traditional than a Sunday roast in an old public house. Stalybridge in Greater Manchester is home to the pub with the longest name in the UK. What is it called?

The King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Tavern

The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn

The Cat, the Custard Pot and the Cheese Public House

I am the Only Running Footman Londoners

3. What would you do if you found yourself on Cooper Hill in Gloucestershire with a ball of Double Gloucester Cheese?

Eat in

Roll it down the hill

Slice it up as part of a May Day ceremony

Share it with friends at the annual August Bank Holiday picnic

4. Afternoon Tea isn’t always just scones and crustless cucumber sandwiches. In which London hotel might you find a cake shaped like a handbag?

The Berkeley

The Savoy


The Dorchester

5. The Boat Race is an annual rowing contest between crews from Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs. What started this tradition back in 1829?

An argument between the Chancellors of each university over who had the better institution

A challenge between two friends both called Charles

Two brothers (one at Oxford and one at Cambridge) who decided to use rowing to show who was the stronger of the two

Two professors who declared their students to be the fittest in the country

6. Invented in the UK, Cricket is a long game at the best of times. How long did the longest game ever recorded last?

18 days

10 days

12 days

16 days

7. What will you never find on a plate of Ulster Fry, one of Northern Ireland’s traditional breakfast dishes?

Hash browns




8. What is the official start time for the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace?

11.02 am




9. Why is Worthy Farm in Southwest England one of the most famous farms in the UK?

It is the backdrop for the UK’s biggest Morris Dancing competition

It is the home of Glastonbury Festival

It was the location where apple bobbing was invented

It is where the annual tractor championships take place

10. The tallest Maypole in Britain is said to be 27 metres high. In which county would you be able to see it in action?




North Yorkshire

11. What activity is not part of the famous Scottish Highland Games?

Hammer throwing

Haggis hurling

Caber tossing

Kilt knotting

12. What is the main difference between a Cornish pasty and a Devonshire one?

The crimp is on the side in Cornwall and on the top in Devon

You will only find swede in a Cornish pasty

The Devon pasty only ever has six main ingredients

A Devon pasty is usually served cold

13. Bonfire night is a celebration commemorating the failure of the plan to assassinate which King?

Harold II


Edward VI

Charles II

14. Waen Rhydd is home to one of the UK’s quirkiest traditions. What is it?

World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Swamp Football World Championships

Man v Horse race

Annual Nettle Eating Contest

15. What city holds the title for having served to world’s largest portion of fish and chips?





16. Which of the following is not a traditional British sweet treat?

Battenberg cake

Sticky Toffee pudding

Fat Rascal

Apple cake

17. Which celebrity hit the headlines for declaring she drank 12 cups of tea a day?

Emma Thompson

Kate Winslet

Nigella Lawson

Emma Watson

18. In which of the following locations might you go barrel racing on Boxing Day?





19. On what day of the year might you stab a haggis with a dirk?

21 January

22 January

25 January

23 January

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