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Quiz: How well do you know these famous musical destinations?

From the birthplace of the blues to songs about Rio, how many high notes will you hit in this tricky music-themed quiz?

Neon signs of famous Blues Clubs on Beale street (Shutterstock)

1. Where will you find the Bob Marley Museum?

Trench Town, Kingston

Montego Bay

Hope Road, Kingston

Nine Mile

2. Where is Jim Morrison from The Doors buried?

Los Angeles


San Francisco


3. Where is the Cavern Club?





4. Where did Elvis record his first single?

Nashville, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Tupelo, Tennessee

Las Vegas, Nevada

5. The Buena Vista Social Club were formed in which UNESCO-listed city?

Cordoba, Spain

Antigua, Guatemala

Havana, Cuba

Quito, Ecuador

6. Where did Robert Johnson sell his soul to the devil for the ability to play the blues?

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Memphis, Tennessee

Chicago, Illinois

New Orleans, Louisiana

7. Which of these songs is not actually about Rio de Janeiro?

‘The Girl From Ipanema’ by Astrud Gilberto

‘I Go To Rio’ by Peter Allen

‘Copacabana’ by Barry Manilow

‘La Rua Madureira’ by Nino Ferrer

8. Where is the annual South by Southwest music festival held?

San Francisco, California

Denver, Colorado

Austin, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona

9. In which American city will you find the famous ‘Birdland’ jazz club?


New York

New Orleans


10. Where was African bluesman Ali Farka Touré born?





11. In which Japanese city will you find the legendary Budokan arena?





12. Which of these artists did NOT record at the legendary Hansa studio in Berlin?

David Bowie

Iggy Pop



13. The Salford Lad’s Club in Greater Manchester appears on the inside cover of which album by The Smiths?

Meat is Murder

Strangeways Here We Come

Louder Than Bombs

The Queen Is Dead

14. From which New Jersey seaside town did Bruce Springsteen first send greetings from?

Atlantic City

Seaside Heights

Asbury Park


15. Which famous musician once lived in the house next door to Jimi Hendrix’s flat in London?

Paul McCartney

George Frideric Handel

Mick Jagger

Yoko Ono

16. What noteworthy memorabilia is NOT on display in ABBA the Museum in Stockholm?

Bjorn and Agnetha’s divorce papers

The helicopter that appeared on the cover of 'Arrival'

The outfits they wore when they won the Eurovision song contest

A faithful recreation of their original recording studio

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