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Windsors around the world

There are 32 places in the world called Windsor. Which one will you decide to visit?

1. Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Crowned by the largest inhabited castle in the world and picturesquely set beside the River Thames, the Royal Borough of Windsor is the home of Wanderlust and a weekend bolthole for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

What to see: Windsor Castle, The Crooked House of Windsor (Market Cross House), the Long Walk, The Changing of the Guard.

Interesting fact: The name Windsor originates from old English Windles-ore, or 'winch by the riverside'.

Make sure you: Drop into The Two Brewers for a quick pint, just a short walk from the Long Walk.

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2. Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ancestral home of the Mi'kmaq Nation and the first place that the French Arcadians settled before being expelled to Louisiana. Windsor, Nova Scotia, became an important British stronghold during the American Revolution.

What to see: The Fort Edward National Historic Site, built by the British in 1750.

Interesting fact: Windsor is the birthplace of ice hockey. (Or just 'hockey' if you’re Canadian.) It was first played on the Long Pond by the boys of King’s College

Make sure you: Take part in the Windsor-West Hants Pumpkin Festival, held the first Saturday in October. The festival includes all kinds of pumpkin-related activities, including a regatta featuring boats made out of giant pumpkins.

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St Matthews, Windsor (WikiCommons)

3. Windsor, New South Wales, Australia

The third-oldest European settlement in New South Wales, populated in 1791 by people eager to take advantage of the fertile river flats for agriculture. Keen to develop the colony, Governor Macquarie ordered a church, school, jail and a ‘commodious’ inn to be built. These buildings remain and are fine examples of the architecture of the time.

What to see: St Matthew’s Anglican Church, considered one of the finest works of the young colony’s best known convict architect, Francis Greenway.

Interesting fact: In 1813 a plot by the French to invade the town and cut off the rest of the British colony from its ‘bread basket’ was discovered and foiled by Earl Bathhurst.

Make sure you: Explore the streets of the town centre. It is home to many of the oldest surviving European buildings in Australia, including the Macquarie Arms Hotel, St Matthew’s Anglican Church, the Court House and Claremont Cottage.

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Cornish-Windsor covered bridge (

Cornish-Windsor covered bridge (Shutterstock)

4. Windsor, Vermont, USA

With its beautifully-restored 18th century buildings, Vermont’s Windsor is best known as the place where the State’s constitution was written, notable for being the first to grant women rights and ban slavery. It is also a popular place for foliage viewing during the Autumn months

What to see: Old Constitution House,  the American Precision Museum (making Windsor the home of interchangeable parts) and the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge. 

Interesting fact: The only Windsor with a volcano, albeit inactive, and home to the longest covered bridge in the US.

Make sure you: Send a postcard from the post office. It’s the oldest continually-operating post office in the country.

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5. Windsor, South Island, New Zealand

Windsor is a township in North Otago, 12 miles inland from Oamaru, on New Zealand’s South Island. It is situated at the junction of the Ngpara and Tokarahi branch railway lines, both of which have closed. It was also host to a vintage car rally still known as the Windsor run, though it no longer runs through the town.

Interesting fact: Windsor is situated almost exactly on the 45th latitude.

What to see: The public hall, built in 1904.

Make sure you visit: The public hall, built in 1904.

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Main image: Windsor Castle in November (Shutterstock)

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