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Photographing the locals in Marrakech

Renata Roge shares her tips for staying snap happy

A smile helps you get that shot (Craig Howe)

In such an exotic location as Marrakech, it's only natural that you'll want to take as many photos as possible.

You would think this should be as simple as pointing and shooting, since it seems that everywhere you look, there's a great picture waiting to be snapped.

However, as many budding photographers will discover, the medina is not the easiest place to take good pictures, partly because of its chaotic atmosphere, but mostly because of its residents.

Many people will refuse to be photographed, whether it's because of their religion; they want to be paid for it; or simply because they are tired of being photographed over and over again.

But don't panic - you didn't bring your camera in vain! Although it's true that you shouldn't take pictures of people after they tell you not to; it is also true that if you miss one opportunity, there'll be another waiting around the next corner.

To have better chances of getting a positive response, try making conversation or buying something the person is selling. This way, not only do you encourage trade, but you also get to know the locals and learn about how they live.

Taking general crowd shots are usually fine, but if someone gets angry at you for photographing them, just smile, be nice and say it was a misunderstanding.

A good attitude is usually what's needed when photographing people, and it's also required to get good results. Treating people with respect, chatting to them, and having a relaxed and fun attitude towards your photography is what's going to help you take those pictures that will amaze you - and everyone at home.

Renata Roge travelled to Marrakech with Wanderlust Journeys

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