List 01 December

Photo gallery: 15 joyous photos from Burkino Faso's golden age taken by the legendary Sory Sanlé

Burkina Faso photographer Sory Sanlé began his career in 1960, the year his country gained independence from France. These photos perfectly capture the unchecked optimism of those heady times. Enjoy!

2CV Bricoleé, 1968 (Sory Sanlé)

Abou le Boxeur Dafin, 1968 (Sory Sanlé)

Autoportrait au Miroir, 1966 (Sory Sanlé)

Belle de Jour, 1975 (Sory Sanlé)

Elvis, 1974 (Sory Sanlé)

Je Suis dans le Coup, 1980 (Sory Sanlé)

La DS et Son Ombre, 1972 (Sory Sanlé)

Le Pirate, 1974 (Sory Sanlé)

Le Pistolero, 1975 (Sory Sanlé)

Le Relève, 1982 (Sory Sanlé)

Le Vendeur Sénégalais qui Fume (Sory Sanlé)

Les Afro-Pop, 1973 (Sory Sanlé)

Les Amoureux Yougou Yougou, 1980 (Sory Sanlé)

Mali Djeli, 1984 (Sory Sanlé)

Regard Sur Le Présent, 1973 (Sory Sanlé)

Volta Photo 1965-85,  by Sory Sanlé is published by Reel Art Press/Morton-Hill and can be ordered on Amazon now.