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Packing tips for the semi-fashionable traveller

It's the dilemma facing every long term traveller – what to pack to cover every contingency. Our featured blogger, Samantha Bilkey says go for comfort and a little bit of style.

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1. Toiletries

(I typically keep these in my carry-on.)

Reusable, clear, 100 ml. bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a clear plastic bag.

Tweezers and razor. (These are questionable, but I've never had a problem with security.)

Make-up in another clear bag.


Small pack of Kleenex.

Compact mirror.


Extra tampons/pads.

Motion sickness pills.

Other pills/prescriptions.

2. Clothes

Black cardigan.

Black leggings.



Enough underwear. (Plus 1 extra pair)

Enough socks. (Plus 1 extra pair)

Favorite flats.


Good walking shoes. (Generally wear these to airport)



Swim suit, possibly.

Casual shirts.

Dressy shirts.

Skirt/Dress if desired



3. Miscellaneous

Small ziplock snack bags in case I come across beach sand to collect.

Fast-drying towel.

Sleeping sack in case the hostel is gross.

Small, travel hair straightener and hair dryer. (Check if your hostels don't already have these, as a foreign country may not have a compatible socket for your electronics)

Phone/Nook/iPod/Camera charger.

External hard-drive to store pictures.

Travel notebook.

Travel first-aid kit with bandaids, Naproxen, anti-itch and anti-infection ointments.

Copies of passport/credit card/license/IDs. (Never remove these from your suitcase except to update!)

Portable luggage scale. I use one almost every time I travel!

Small padlock for lockers in hostel.

Extra cash.

The #1 thing to not forget is an open mind!

Another small list item I want to mention is a a cross-body bag that's big enough to hold a wallet, passport, camera, chapstick, hand santizer, and phone – perfect for when you're out and about and left your luggage back in the hostel/hotel room. Cross-body is best because a thief can't normally just rip it off your shoulder, and you can naturally keep your hands rested on it. Travel smartly!

Do you agree with Samantha's list? Is there anything extra you'd pack? Or something you'd leave off? Tell us in the comments below.

Samantha En Route | Samantha Bilkey

My name is Samantha, a twenty-something woman with a strong wanderlust. This blog began as a way to share my study abroad experience in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, but it has grown to be so much more. Traveling is my ultimate passion and I want to continue sharing my adventures with the world.

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