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Our weirdest blogs of 2013

A celebration of all that was weird and wonderful in the world of travel this year

Kissing the Sphinx

Our Weird@Wanderlust blog is aimed at getting you through those last two hours before finishing work on a Friday afternoon. Here we round up the most popular of this year's weird stuff from around the world.

Tuna album

Crazy album covers from around the world

Celebrating wacky, weird and sometimes frightening album art from the four corners of the globe. Read more

Eccentric restaurants

The world's 7 most eccentric restaurants

Dine like a cave man. Or with a rabbit. Eating out has never been crazier (with videos). Read more

 Japanese Vending Machines

7 crazy Japanese vending machines

Whatever you've got a yen for, in Japan there's a machine that will sell it to you. Read more

Kissing the Sphinx

The world's 8 most clichéd travel photos

How many are you guilty of? Read more

Bicycle madness Vietnam

Two-wheel madness in Vietnam

You won't believe what they get up to on their bikes and motorcycles in Vietnam. Warning: not for the faint-hearted! Read more

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

5 unlikeliest cultural ambassadors

Things that have become synonymous with your country around the world that will have you considering changing nationality. Read more

 Toilet sign

The world's 11 funniest toilet signs

Answering the call of nature has never been more fraught. Read more

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