Insider Secrets: Three places you must visit now

Sunvil Tours supremo Noel Josephides reveals the three best kept secrets in travel

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1. Peloponnese, Greece

Visit in March, when it's cool and the spring flowers are out. Wrap up warm and visit Mistras, one of the best-preserved Byzantine towns in Europe – you'll have it to yourself. A visit involves a lot of scrambling but the stunning architecture and peaceful surroundings are worth the effort. Reward yourself with dinner in a snug, stone-built inn with a roaring log fire, over which the local vegetables and delicious steaks will be grilled for your dinner.

2. Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan

An enclave within Muslim Azerbaijan that has been annexed by Christian Armenia, it is out of bounds, according to the FCO – which is probably part of the attraction! Life is hard, the scenery spectacular and you cannot but admire the tenacity of the people. From the monastery of Khor Virap, look across to Mount Ararat in Turkey. It's the most romantic view in Armenia yet also one of the saddest. Ararat used to belong to Armenia.

3. Baia Formosa, Brazil

A cross between the Caribbean and the Greek Islands as they were 40 years ago. Not so long ago, there was just a few beach shacks, palm trees lining the deserted beach, Atlantic waves rolling and few people bar the fishermen. You can walk for miles or you can take a beach buggy and drive along the coast. Either way you won't see anyone all day… yet it's only 90 minutes' drive from the stunning colonial city of Salvador.


Noel Josephides is Managing Director of Sunvil, a tour company dedicated to helping you find the 'real' country. For more information visit their website. 

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