List 06 December

New York resized: 10 mind-blowing photos that make The Big Apple look tiny

Photographer Jasper Léonard uses an innovative tilt-shift technique to make New York – and its inhabitants – look positively dinky. You won't believe your eyes...

Grand Central Station (Jasper Léonard)

A New York street corner (Jasper Léonard)

Coney Island (Jasper Léonard)

Central Park (Jasper Léonard)

Bridge at night (Jasper Léonard)

Ferry approaching bridge (Jasper Léonard)

Chinatown (Jasper Léonard)

New York cabs (Jasper Léonard)

Fountain (Jasper Léonard)

Bridge (Jasper Léonard)

New York Resized by Jasper Léonard is published by Lannoo Publishers and can be ordered on Amazon now.