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Wildlife facts: did you know...?

Mark Carwardine shares some interesting, wonderful, and surprising facts about nature’s most iconic animals, from his new book Ultimate Wildlife Experiences

Ultimate Wildlife Experiences (Mark Carwardine)

1. Balls of... blubber?

“Grey whales are as trusting and playful as kittens – albeit kittens up to 50-foot long.”

Mexico: Baja California

2. That's just batty!

“The bats spend all day hanging upside-down in tightly-packed clusters on every available branch and tree trunk. Occasionally, one squeezes out of the throng, clambers over all the other bats and hangs from the lowest individual to get in position for a pee – without drenching its bedfellows – before shaking itself dry and clambering back.”

Zambia: Kasanka National Park

3. One deadly bite

“The Komodo dragon’s method of hunting is both sneaky and cruel. If it gets involved in a fight it might be injured, so often it will just bite its prey and run away. That awful concoction of saliva and venom ensures the hapless animal will weaken and die, usually within a few days, whereupon the dragon can eat it at leisure.”

Indonesia: Komodo Island

4. Take a deep breath...

“Manatees often just stop whatever they are doing, take a breath at the surface, sink down to the bottom and have an instant nap. The first time I saw it happen, I thought the animal had died.” Being hugged by manatees Florida: Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

5. Happy flappers

“Hummingbirds are the chameleons of the bird world: they actually change colour right in front of your eyes. As they move around in relation to the sun, their bright, iridescent hues seem to wink on and off.”

Arizona: Huachuca Mountains

These top five wildlife facts have been taken from Mark Carwardine's new book Ultimate Wildlife Experiences. You can receive a FREE exclusive copy of the new book when you take out or renew a Wanderlust Christmas gift subscription. Find out more here

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