Instagram gallery: Celebrating Mardi Gras in style

With Fat Tuesday (5 March 2019) almost upon us, we take a look at your best Instagram posts of celebrations in years past. Has your photo made the list?

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Did you know? 

Beads are thrown during Mardi Gras, with people catching and wearing as many as they possibly can.

This tradition goes back as far as the late 1800s, when the beads were made out of glass.

Many other things are thrown during the parades, such as frisbees, cups and little toys. But the beads are the most popular.

Decorating buildings as well as people, they usually come in purple, green and gold. Purple for justice, green for faith, and gold symbolises power.


Did you know? 

There isn't just one parade for Mardi Gras, but a whole season of them! 

Carnival season begins on 6 January, when Christmas ends. This period sees dancing, music, floats, and celebrations galore.

Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, marks the beginning of Lent and the end of the Carnival season.

So the parade on Mardi Gras, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, is the biggest party of them all! 

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