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Forgotten corners of the world

Mandy Nickerson from Bales Worldwide lists three little-visited places on the planet she thinks you should seek out

Tomb of Sennofer

1. Tomb of Sennofer, Tombs of the Nobles, Luxor, Egypt

One of the most amazing tombs around the Valley of the Kings is that of the noble man Sennofer. It is highly decorated with bright colours, and the beautiful pictures of Sennofer and his wife give a real sense of what ancient Egyptian dress was iike. There are also scenes depicting daily life in ancient Egypt. It is a journey back in time; a giimpseof life 5,000 years ago.

2. Mansión Alcázar, Cuenca, Ecuador

A former residence of a past president and his family, this house has been converted into a beautiful boutique hotel with just eight bedrooms. All of them are furnished and decorated in different styles, with wonderful fabrics and furnishings. You can sip cool drinks in the courtyard or eat delicious cuisine in the small dining room.The little touches - a hot-water bottle in the bed, a cup of hot chocolate by your bedside - make you feel truly welcome. (www.mansionalcazar.com)

3. The hutongs, Beijing, China

In the new metropolis of Beijing it is difficult to imagine the old city. However, the hutongs - mazes of small streets flanked with Iow-rise buildings - are a wonderful insight into the past. Take a pedicab through the labyrinth of alleyways, stoppingto visit traditional old homes to see how they prepare meals, and to see the smiling children at the local nurseries. I came away relishing the fact that I could visualise the way the city was 20 years ago.


Mandy NickersonMandy Nickerson (nee Bales) is managing director of Bales Worldwide (0870 752 0780, www.balesworldwide.com)


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