Nautilus in the Scarborough SeaLife Centre, England (David Taylor Photography)
List 03 July 2017

Photo Gallery: It's a small world - 12 mindblowing macro photographs

Macro photography has the potential to uncover a world normally hidden from the human eye. Here are 12 extraordinary examples of nature and wildlife-focused pictures by macro photographer David Taylor

Nautilus in the Scarborough Sea Life Centre, England (David Taylor Photography)

Borage, Dilston Physic Garden (David Taylor Photography) 

Model of Angler Fish at Blue Reef Aquarium, Scarborough (David Taylor Photography)

Hornet (David Taylor Photography)


Jellyfish (David Taylor Photography)

Hoverfly on a chicory flower, Dilston Physic Garden (David Taylor Photography)

Wolf fish in Blue Reef Aquarium, Tynemouth (David Taylor Photography)

Nettle weevil, Dilston Physic Garden (David Taylor Photography)

Thick-legged flower beetle on corn marigold, Cornwall (Ross Hoddinott)

Crane fly on a leaf (David Taylor Photography)

Large red damselfly emerging from nymphal case, Cornwall (Ross Hoddinott)   

Octopus in a preservation jar (David Taylor Photography)

The above photos are taken from the new photography book Mastering Macro Photography by David Taylor, published by Ammonite Press (£19.99). The book is available online and at all good bookshops.

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