Bennett's Wallaby (DrG)
Blog Words : From the Editor | 10 June

Highlights from MyWanderlust this week

Swimming with whale sharks, travel plans for June and an inquisitive Bennett's wallaby.

Welcome to 'From the Editor' your guide to the questions, experiences and forums posted on myWanderlust this week.

Kavey's blog for us on Za'atar, a Lebanese wild herb, isn't technically on MyWanderlust. But it's written by a MyWanderluster and it's rather good. Check it out here.

Hideo wants to know what the weather is like in Antigua in October – he doesn't mind a little bit of rain, but doesn't want the trip to be a complete wash out. It will be his honeymoon after all!

Our fearless leader, Lyn, wants to know where you're going in June.  (She just got back from a city break in Valletta, Malta). Sergeant Pluck's off to Seville. Andy Morris is popping over to Tunisia, while Carodragon, Ocelus and Calamine2808 are travelling in the UK to the Hebrides, Manchester and Anglesey respectively. Smug Wanderluster of the month goes to Satkinson who posted to say she was already travelling – in British Columbia – and had just got back from watching orcas!

In the Experiences section, Kay Smythe writes a moving account of her visit to Auschwitz, capturing perfectly the dilemma we all face visiting such places. Andy Morris's account of his visit there is well worth reading too.

On a lighter note, Carodragon tells us what it's like to swim with a whale shark at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. I can't tell you how jealous I am. When I went to Ningaloo I'd missed the Whale Shark season by this much!

Make sure you pop over to the photo galleries as well. DrG has put up a selection of  photos from his trip to Tasmania. I love the one with the wallaby looking straight into the lens. But then, I am an Aussie. And I am feeling a little homesick at the moment. Rosie's pictures from Tibet also had my feet itching.

All in all, another great week on MyWanderlust. It really is the next best thing to being on the road yourself.

Happy travels!

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