Red-eyed treefrog faces its predator (Christian Ziegler and Daisy Dent)
List 18 September 2017

Photo Gallery: 10 intimate wildlife photos that capture the jungle spirit

From colour-shifting chameleons to dramatic deforestation, award-winning photojournalist Christian Ziegler captures stealthy characters and fresh aerial perspectives in these 10 incredible images...

Barro Colorado Island, formed by flooding of Getún Lake (Christian Ziegler)

Pollinating a Catasetum viridflavum orchid flower (Christian Ziegler)

Central Panama tropical forest in dry season (Christian Ziegler)

A blue morphotype of panther chameleon (Christian Ziegler)

A playful bonobo in Democratic Republic of Congo (Christian Ziegler)

Logging roads and clear felling in Sabah, Malaysia (Christian Ziegler)

An ocelet seeks his prey in a Panama forest (Christian Ziegler)

A male cassowary in Queensland,  Australia (Christian Ziegler)

A red-eyed treefrog faces a predator, the parrot snake (Christian Ziegler)

Tiny red-eyed treefrog embryos (Christian Ziegler)

Jungle Spirits by Christian Ziegler

Award-winning photojournalist and conservationist Christian Ziegler captures up-close images of flora and fauna and animals in action in the new book Jungle Spirits, with fascinating insights into the natural world by ecologist Daisy Dent. The collection of photographs was captured across 20 countries and four continents, offering diverse perspectives of the world's rain forests and the wildlife within.

Jungle Spirits is published by teNeues and is available online for £45. For more, see teNeues.



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