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Jet lag: a doctor's advice

Seven tips to help you avoid jet lag on your next long haul trip

Jet lag can make the first few days of a long haul trip uncomfortable (mk30)

1. One day per hour

It takes roughly one day to adjust to each hour of time difference; your bowels may need longer

2. Start right

If you start your journey tired and stressed, jet lag will hit
you harder

3. Melatonin

Melatonin is a good natural option for treating jet lag but isn’t readily available in the UK – buy through online pharmacies

4. Go natural

Stimulate your body’s natural melatonin by getting out in the sun

5. Eat wise

Protein-rich meals early in the day help the body produce the hormones needed for activities; a light evening meal with plenty of carbohydrate provides those necessary for sleep

6. Anti-jet lag supplements

Tyrosine and tryptophan supplements can help ease jet lag.

7.  Homeopathy

The homeopathic remedy arnica seems to help some travellers. No-Jet-Lag is another homeopathic alternative.

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