Insider Secrets: More crowd-sourced Nairobi

Last week we sent you to a bar to ask for Juma. Here's some more locally sourced info to get the most out of Kenya's crazy capital city

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Last week, associate web editor Peter Moore was in Nairobi for the Storymoja Hay Festival. He asked locals where to go when you visit their city. Here's their second lot of suggestions.

1. Something fishy

For the best fried Tilapia (a fresh water fish) in Nairobi, drop into Mama Oliech's. Either the original banda (hut) on Dagoretti Corner or the new one out on Naivasha Road. Ask anyone for directions – everyone knows where mama Oliech's is – or follow your nose. The smell of fried fish is irresistible.

Mama Oliech is also the mother of Dennis Oliech, one of Kenya's premier football players. If you're lucky you might spot him sampling his mum's cooking. Otherwise pick your fish, weigh it and have Mama serve it up with ugali and greens. A decent-sized fish shouldn't cost more that 200 shilling (£1.30)

– Ngwatilo Mawiyou

2. Visit Nairobi's innovation hub

The iHub on Ngong Road is where Kenya's leading techies get together to work on technology projects, apps mainly, for mobile phones (almost every Kenyan adult has one).

Located in the Bishop Maqua Building, the centre hosts all kinds of tech events, classes and product launches, details of which can be found at International geeks welcome!

– @bankelele

3. The Maximum Miracle Centre

Set in the old Empire Cinema on Lateema Road, the Maximum Miracle Centre is the place to go in Nairobi to recharge your spiritual batteries.

Every lunchtime, Pastor Isiah leads his flock through high octane confessionals, prayers and hallelujahs, backed by the tightest R&B band this side of River Road.

Visitors are warmly welcomed, especially if they make a small donation when the collectors come round. A great insight into the importance of religion in this bustling city.

– Peter Moore

4. Mitumba second-hand markets

Nairobi's markets are a treasure trove. If I have a friend visit me in Kenya, it's the first place I take them. I've found Diesel jeans and Burberry raincoats as well as Bally leather boots.

If you can't find what you're looking for, just tell one of the stallholders your size and what you're looking for and watch them ferret through bags full of combat trousers, tops, jeans, shirts and Converse All Star trainers. Nine times out of ten they'll triumphantly pull out what you're looking for.

A tip for women: Wear a long skirt. That way you can subtly try on trousers underneath!

– Frances Woodhanis

5. The best Nyama Choma in Nairobi

Now, I don't know the name of the establishment. I doubt that they even have a name. But trust you me, the nyama choma is the best I've ever had.

Nyama Choma is roasted meat. It is served with sukuma wike (vegetables) and unlimited ugali (white, tasty stuff that will come on the plate).

How to get there? It's on the crossroad of Nairobi – Kangundo road and Mombassa Road – Thika Road Bypass. If you walk as if coming from Nairobi and going to Kangmundo, it will be on your left. The best nyama choma joint in Nairobi. And only 250 shilling (£1.65) for half a kilo of meat.

– Edwin Mokaya

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"Looking for an ice cold beer at less than half the price? Then head to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, smack bang in the centre of the city and opposite the Norfolk Hotel.

State Corporations don’t pay taxes, so while you’ll fork out 120 to 200 shillings for a Tusker everywhere else in town, the same beer will only cost you 60 shillings at the KBC.

Walk in as if you own the place. If anyone challenges you say you’re there to meet Juma. There’s always a Juma propping up the bar."

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