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Blog Words : Insider Secrets | 17 December

Insider Secrets: Finding Butch Cassidy's skeleton

Filmmaker Russ Malkin's journeys have taken him to all points of the globe. Here are his favourite, secret corners

1. Raise your glass to Nelson in Kazakhstan

There is a great bar called the Admiral Nelson in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It has a lively stage show and make sure you order large Russian standard vodkas with ice!

2. Rattle Butch Cassidy's skeleton

High up in the Andes in a mining town called San Vincente (still a silver mine) is a tiny museum for which you have to request access. Allegedly, it is home to the skeleton of Butch Cassidy. The journey to the location is awesome, the scenery is stunning and if you have time follow the path on into Chile. It is unbelievable.

3. Panama before the canal

In Panama in Central America, it is definitely worth going to see the Panama Canal. But just off to the side of the canal is the old trail that was used to take goods from one side to the other of the isthmus and it is called the Camino de Cruces. This means 'the way of the crosses', which refers to the crosses placed at the graves of the slaves used to carry the goods on the trail. A great walk but watch out for mosquitos.

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