Iceland's hidden secrets

Steinarr Lar from Kuku Campers risks the wrath of his fellow Icelanders to reveal the secret places you must visit

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1. Footbath by the sea, Seltjarnarnes

At the very west end of Reykjavík is a suburb called Seltjarnarnes. At the end of this suburb is an old lighthouse where one can enjoy the Faxaflói fjörd and the beautiful mountains surrounding Reykjavík. Not too many people know, but on the north side of the coast there is a rock the size of a small hot tub where the local heating company has drilled a large hole in the rock and pumps warm water into it all year round.

This is the most romantic place in Reykjavík.

2. 3D map of Iceland, City Hall, Reykjavík

Inside City Hall, there is a map the size of a volleyball court. The map is 3D and therefore the perfect location to get a feel for the country before heading out into the wild.

3. Reykjadalur – hot spring

30km east of Reykjavík there is a small town called Hveragerði (you´ll find it on highway 1). Drive through the town and follow the single road until you come to a river with a small walking bridge. At the bridge you´ll find a sign that says "Reykjadalur 3.2km".

Follow the path into the mountains and walk for an hour or so. In the valley in the hill you will find a warm creek running down the hills. The creek, or small river, is quite warm at the top and gets cooler down the hills.

Find your right temperature and dive in. Relax and make love.

4. Waterfall, Glymur

Just off Road 47 you will find Iceland's highest waterfall – 198m high. Drive to Botnsdalur and you'll find a sign leading you to the right hiking path. Walking up to the waterfall and back is a two to three hour hike and you will need good footwear as parts of the path are "rocky". Follow the stream on the right side for better views of the surrounding canyon. Once above the waterfall, you can cross the river at the top and head back on the opposite side of the canyon. Breathtaking views!

5. Ice cave, Raufarhólshellir

Driving south of Reykjavík you will find Road 39. Around 30km out of Reykjavík you will find a sign on the left hand of Road 39 saying Raufhólshellir. This is a 1,350m long cave which will take you about three to four hours to explore. The cave is extra special during winter time as ice formations fill the ceiling.

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