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How to be a ninja: a 5-step guide

Ninjas are not simply black-clad figures darting around at breakneck speed – they are experts in the Japanese art of warfare: ninjutsu

Practicing aikido technique (Shutterstock: see credit below)
1. Use information wisely
Ninjas should be able to obtain information quickly, analyse it and turn it into knowledge – in short, a ninja should be an information specialist.

2. Train both body and soul
Ninjas need strong bodies and strong souls. They must be able to run at least marathon distance and should master some martial arts. Ninjas should also keep calm and be in control of their minds at all times. Before their work, ninjas perform Kuji Kiri – the ‘grid of nine syllable slashes’ hand-gesture ritual.

3. Learn the knowledge in nature
Ninjas should observe everything and learn from nature. In order to survive and fulfil their mission, ninjas should make the most use of this information. For instance, ninjas can make poisons from plants, insects and animals.

4. Learn a variety of skills
Ninjas should have a wide range of skills to help them succeed in their mission. For example, learn languages, play music, read books – with diverse knowledge comes greater power.

5. Communicate well
Ninjas should be good at communication with other people. Ninjas should be kind to everyone, and should not make enemies. Most of all, ninjas should not look strong – they should appear to be like ordinary people.

Ninja tips provided by Professor Ikeda and the Japan National Tourism Organization

Image: Practicing aikido technique (Shutterstock)

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