Your tips for great experiences in Hong Kong and Macao

From wandering the European-style cobbles of Macao to treading the wild fringes of Hong Kong, we round up your tips for making the most of a pair of Chinese regions that are full of surprises…

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Travel wisely across Hong Kong Island

“Get an Octopus card as soon as you get off the plane. You can load it up with cash for use on trains, buses, boats and even in shops. Just swipe at the turnstiles and go!”

– Bronagh McLoughlin

Grab a creamy tart in Coloane, Macao

“One of the best small regions in Macao to visit is Coloane village. Its streets are lined with colourful Portuguese-style buildings, and there’s intricate Buddhist temples and the A-Ma statue – goddess of the sea – to explore. One great place to try out is the original Lord Stow’s Bakery, where you can grab one of their famous egg tarts.”

– Hannah Birt

Egg tart (Dreamstime)

Egg tart (Dreamstime)

Slow it down through New Territories, Hong Kong

“For a breather from the fast pace of Hong Kong, take to the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail. It’s a hidden gem of a walk back in time through 800 years of Hong Kong and Chinese history. Here, you’ll notice a much slower pace of life, with the trail beginning at Fung Ying Seen Koon, a magnificent Taoist temple.”

– Michael Tang

Take a lofty leap in Peninsula, Macao

“The SkyJump off Macao Tower is a must. It’s a controlled adrenalin rush that isn’t as scary as a bungee jump. Plus, you get amazing views from the tower and it’s much quicker than taking the lift!”

– Kerry White

Macao Tower (Dreamstime)

Macao Tower (Dreamstime)

Dine on dumplings in Taipa, Macao

“Head to Old Taipa village for local food. Explore the smaller streets and buy some dumplings to eat. You really feel like you’re in Asia.”

– Toby Hawker

Enjoy your fair share of buns in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

“One of my favourite island experiences was on Hong Kong’s Cheung Chau, when I visited during the annual Bun Festival. The whole island was transformed into a family festival, with parades, dragon dancing, local market stalls and so many steaming buns to try!”

– Annapurna Mellor

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Clemma Tagg)

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Clemma Tagg)

Trade Buddha for Buddha in New Territories, Hong Kong

“It goes without saying that the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island is a must-see, but I’d also recommend the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, near the Sha Tin MTR station on the mainland. It’s a steep walk with lots of steps but well worth it, as the views, pagoda and the thousands of Buddha statues lining every path and building are amazing!”

– Clemma Tagg

Go on a romantic stroll around Peninsula, Macao

“Located in the west of Macao’s city, there’s an alley which translates as ‘Love Lane’, adjacent to the steps of Ruins of St Paul’s. The buildings are tastefully painted in pink, yellow and light green colours, and it’s a good spot for both couples and any admirers of interesting architecture.”

– Ksenia Shigaeva

Walking the Dragon's Back (Peter De'Ath)

Walking the Dragon's Back (Peter De'Ath)

Chase a dragon through New Territories, Hong Kong

“Escape Hong Kong’s cities to walk the Dragon’s Back, a stunning ridge line with beautiful coastal views, which descends to Shek O Beach – the best bit of sand in the region. A beer and a bite to eat here is a great way to finish the day and experience a very different side to Hong Kong.”

– Peter De’Ath

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