Grand Prismatic Spring (satkinson)
Blog Words : From the Editor | 08 July

From the Editor: The best from myWanderlust this week

Mind-altering photos and bad trips: This week myWanderlust gets a little freaky

Who needs mind-altering drugs when you've got satkinson's picture of the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park? It reminds me of those 3D pictures that were popular years ago. I'm sure if I stare at it long enough I'll start seeing things jumping out at me.

A big myWanderlust welcome to LaurenAmelia. She's only been with us since June but has started with a bang by uploading a fantastic gallery of a paragliding trip in the Atlas Mountains. Trust me, it'll have you checking out flights to Morocco. I particularly like the silhouetted image. I can imagine it hanging in boardrooms around the world with some suitably saccharine inspirational message underneath it.

Over on the Forum, Ehalford asked for inspiration for a one-week camping trip in the UK – preferably with a local festival thrown in. The Jurassic Coast was a proving popular suggestion until BilboBaggins pointed out that the the week Ehalford had in mind was in the middle of the school holidays. The camping trip has been put back until later in the year. And now Scotland, another popular suggestion, is back on the agenda. Maybe you have a better suggestion?

You may also want to use your knowledge and experiences to help Rozzer get the most out of two days in Darwin; conversaprivada plan a ten day trip to Sicily and Malta; and mattyboy876 find a decent safari company in Kenya and Tanzania.

Roovilla started a name and shame file which has developed into a kind of worst airline experiences. My nominations? A trip from Rangoon to Kathmandu with Burma Air where the box holding the sandwich was also home to a cockroach which promptly leapt out when I opened it. And a flight to Cairo with the inimitable Olympic Airlines where the hostess greeted a request for an aspirin by saying "What do you think we are? A bloody chemist?" Am I giving too much away by saying that I also rate them as my favourite flights ever?

The newly minted Just Back From section continues to go from strength to strength. Angela R gives us the dirt on Yellowstone National Park, fast becoming the myWanderlust destination of choice if our Photo Gallery is anything to go by. Her advice? Avoid Deadwood, get up early if you want to see wolves and don't order a stack of pancakes for breakfast unless you have someone to share them with. I'm sure the tip about the pancakes is something we could all incorporate into our daily lives.

Joeweeks85 just got back from Luxor. It sounds like now is the time to go back to Egypt. His highlight was "the beauty of Karnak without the masses of people." I've been to Karnak three times now, always in the company of thousands. Once I got stuck behind a pack of American tourists intent on stating the bleeding obvious. “That's big! That's old. That's really old.”

BillBain is fresh back from Zimbabwe, another country whose tourist industry has taken a knock or two. Hence BillBain handing tip to take US dollars or SA rand. It seems the Zim dollar no longer exists, which isn't surprising when you consider it wasn't that lon ago that you needed a wheelbarrow load just to buy a loaf of bread.

On a positive note Billbain says lion experience at Antelope Park, Gweru, is not to be
missed and a great opportunity to see the big cats up and personal. His general feeling, too, is that things are improving. Great news for what was once the gem of Africa.

If you're heading off to Spain any time soon, pop over to Sergeant Pluck's report about Seville and print it off. From taking tapas in El Rinconcillo, Seville's oldest bar, and a mojito on the roof terrace of the Hotel Doña Maria (overlooking the cathedral) through to an authentic flamenco experience in the 'gypsy quarter' of Triana (especially around Calle Betis),  there's a pretty good city break to be had by just following his tips. Oh, and take decent footwear. Sarge says Seville is a city that demands to be walked.

Just Back From this week features our first airport – the veritable Changi Airport in Singapore. DrG gives us the lowdown on the airport you guys invariably vote as the best in the world. Check out the butterfly garden in Terminal Three, experience the deluge shower heads and fluffy towels at the Transit Lounge's hi-tech amenities block and hit up the cheery info staff to get free wifi.

For the petrolheads, ocelus gives his views on the British Superbikes at Snetterton. All the fun of F1 but at bargain prices, it seems.

Over in Experiences, Sergeant Pluck gets hammered in Ho Chi Minh City. Literally. By a blind masseuse. JayR spent Friday the 13th in Palermo. A ride on the 389 bus to Monreale sees pockets get picked and six Spanish ladies wearing identical straw hats start singing. But all ends well when she stumbles upon a chior practising Va pensiero
from Verdi’s Nabucco in a hidden courtyard.

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