Wolves in Yellowstone (Bitterblue)
Blog Words : From the Editor | 01 July

From the Editor: The best from myWanderlust this week

Great new look, same terrific content – myWanderlust, you spoil us

So, what do you think of the new look myWanderlust page? You spoke. We listened. And I think you'll agree, it's a vast improvement.

The first thing you'll notice on the homepage this week is BitterBlue's arresting photo of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. It's part of her Yellowstone Winter 2011 photo gallery. I'm having a hard time picking my favourite photo from the set. The moody black and white photo of a bison standing majestically in the steam? Or the lone tree amongst rolling hills covered in snow? Check it out here and decide for yourself.

Mythlond takes us to Istanbul, one of my favourite cities in the world. There's a lot to recommend in Istanbul, in particular, the guy selling delicious chicken kebabs just around the corner from the Blue Mosque.

I'm loving the Just Back From section. Lots of tips, anecdotes and advice in nice web-sized bites. I haven't read one yet that didn't make me want to grab my backpack and go.

mattyboy876 give us the rub on Kashmir – take the sumo cabs – and Julia 69 wonders why it took her so long to get to Cappadocia. Bilbo Baggins offers some advice on North Devon. She also cleverly put the date in the headline to indicate when she went. Good thinking!

I was tempted to fill out a Just Back From for my trip to EuroDisney. But I figured you all knew what my advice would be anyway. Don't do it!

To the Forum, and Sergeant Pluck has started a lively debate about Carbon Offset. He was checking out the latest Exodus Tours and noted that they kindly pay a carbon tax on behalf of its customers. He's not sure if he believes in it. What do you think? Join the debate here.

Janieb is after a small camera with a big zoom. Something from Panasonic's Lumix TZ series seems to be the consensus at the moment. Maybe you'd like to suggest something else?

It would be remiss of me not to point you towards our new travel photography magazine, Take Better Travel Photos. It does what it says on the tin. And conveniently, for Janieb at least, it includes a round up of the top ten best compact cameras.

Roovilla wants to know: Where would you go if you could ONLY have six more holidays? And not only that, she insists that it has to be one journey from each of the following categories: Wildlife/Nature; Citybreak; Beach/Relaxation; Adventure/Journey; and Culture Experience. It's a question that has galvinised the minds of myWanderlusters – and provided a brilliant selection of journeys, each one I'd happily take. But then that'd take me way over my quota. Can we make it six holidays in each of the six categories?

Finally, forum post of the week goes to satkinson who has suggested we all catch up for a drink in London. As the new boy around here I'm very keen to catch up with myWanderlusters and put some faces to avatars.

I'm also liking Lyn's suggestion to combine it with the Tasmania event we're hosting on the 13 July at Australia House – all you need to know about travelling around Australia's best kept secret AND the chance to sample the state's excellent beers, all for free. Check out satkinson's post here. Or RSVP to our Tasmania information night and grab your place (security is tight at Australia House. They don't let in any old freeloaders, your name has to be on the list).

See you there!

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