7 things to do for free: New York

It's a great time to hit NYC as the city is full of freebies. Here's how to take a bargain bite out of the Big Apple

5 mins

1. Find free booze


myopenbar.com has details of events in the city offering free drinks on various nights of the week.

2. Take a guided tour

Free tours of the city’s offbeat neighbourhoods are offered by native New Yorkers through bigapplegreeter.org.

3. Catch a movie

Hudson River Park shows free films – with free popcorn! – over the summer;arrive early.

4. Take a boat ride


For great views of NYC from the water, catch the free ferry to Staten Island from Whitehall Street in Lower Manhattan. Runs 24 hours a day.

5. Dine out

Justify your alcoholic beverage by choosing one of the numerous local bars in Brooklyn that offers free food with every purchased beer. The Alligator Lounge (600 Metropolitan Ave) gives away pizza; for free hot dogs try Hank’s Saloon (Sunday nights; 46 Third Ave) or Rudy’s Bar & Grill (627 Ninth Ave).

6. Enjoy Broadway hits


Broadway performers sing show tunes in Bryant Park on Thursday lunchtimes in summer.

7. Kayak the Hudson

The Downtown Boathouse aims to make the Hudson River  accessible to all, and provides free kayaks and equipment.

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