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Catch up on our Formentera event

Missed our Formentera event? Catch up on the full recording, find the answers to your questions and see the highlights from the event here...

Catch up on our Formentera event

Last night, we left the grey skies behind as we were transported to the white-sand beaches, forest trails and crystal clear waters of Formentera for an evening of travel inspiration. And what an evening it was! What all three of our speakers had in common is that they have all fallen in love with Formentera, and their passion for the island really came through. As they spoke about the island's highlights, its slow food culture, its gorgeous scenery and its incredible underwater world, they made all of us watching fall a little bit in love with this island, too, and many of us ended the evening aching to visit. 

If you missed the event or had to leave early, then don't worry. We have the full recording of the event plus the answers to your questions right here... 

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Your questions answered

What is the Covid-19 situation in Formentera?
Numbers of infections have been very, very low in Formentera. We only have 12,000 inhabitants with around 1,000 people per village. We live spread out in the countryside which means there isn’t really any big crowds of people, which has helped a lot with keeping transmission low. Everything has started opening again now: beaches and restaurants are open, and in the next few weeks everything will be set up and ready for the summer season.

How many tourists arrive in the summer? Does it become over-whelmed?
It’s only in the second half of July and in August that the island can get a bit crowded. The beauty of Formentera is that there are so many secret places you can find that makes you feel like you have the entire island to yourself, so make sure you get out and explore the interior.

Can you get a boat from mainland Spain?
You can get a boat from Valencia to Ibiza then to Formentera. Or, you can get a boat from Denia, just south of Valencia, directly to Formentera.

Are there busses on the island? 
You can find a full bus schedule for the island here. 

Can you hire snorkel equipment?
Yes, you can rent on the island snorkel and dive gear.

Is it possible to snorkel from the beaches?
It’s an amazing place to snorkel! You can snorkel right from the beach and find lots of little coves. It is a very comfortable places to snorkel with good temperatures and very clear waters. Another plus is the water is very calm

Which beaches are best for snorkelling from?
My favourite beaches for snorkelling are: Roca Bella (Es Pujols), Migjorn (it is a long beach with many, many options), Es Calo rocky shore and an area we call “piscinas naturales”, it is a rocky shore with wonderful coves that you can get to by bike or by walking?

Is there any places you would recommend staying that offer diving and/ or snorkelling?

There are three dive centres on the islands that you can easily get in touch with online. I own a dive centre called Vellmarí


Where is the best place to stay for walking and restaurants? 
I love Sant Ferran for its central location and bohemian vibe. Es Caló is great for a sweet fishing village atmosphere, hippy market and dramatic coastal walks. 

Can you recommend any hotels for people with small children?
Apartamentos Talaya and Las Dunas Playa, both on Playa Migjorn are perfect for families with young children.

Are there any restaurants that are particularly good for seafood?
Es Moli de Sal and  Juan y Andrea, both on Playa Illetes serve great seafood dishes. Restaurante Es Caló in Es Caló is also a good option.

What vineyards do you recommend visiting?
Cap de Barbaria and Bodega Terramoll are both fantastic options for those who want to learn more about Formentera wine.

Top travel tips for Formentera from our expert speakers

Maya’s top tip
My biggest tip is to explore the interior of the island. Illetes beach is where you are going to get all of the day-trippers from Formentera who spend all day on the beach, eat in the restaurants and then go back. Experience that by all means, it’s absolutely beautiful! But also make sure you get away from that. Get a scooter or get a bike and just explore the interior; the island is super flat and small which makes cycling very easy. There are vineyards and villages to explore and that’s the real authentic heart of the island. Don’t set yourself an agenda, just go and see where you end up!

Another tip I would give is to read about the island. There is a really fantastic local book called My Formentera written by  Hjordis Fogelberg who grew up in Ibiza. 

Carlos’ top tip
Formentera remains an island that offers a slower pace of life: slow mood, slow food, disconnection and family moments. It offers such beautiful landscapes. To get lost and to find yourself in such a small piece of land is easy! And something we all deserve to do after the pandemic.

Manu’s top tip
If you want to relax and enjoy time then go to Formentera. As soon as you step on the island you will feel like you’re in a complete different place. But be warned! If you come, the risk is that you will want to live in Formentera!

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What did you have to say? 

Oh, how I wish I was there now!

That was a brilliant presentation thank you, can’t wait to go.

Idyllic! Just what we all need!

Would love to be in Formentera with a glass of that local wine...
Fabulous photos Manu, thank you. Can't wait to go snorkelling there!

All of you have been fantastic! Thank you for your time and presentations!!

I’m quite enthused to visit. It sounds like bliss.

Great presentations. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers.

Wonderful presentation, as ever. One of the highlights of my week!

Very inspiring and well presented. Well done everyone involved.

A look inside the evening

Carlos talked us through Formentera's many highlights

Carlos talked us through Formentera's many highlights

Maya's presentation made us all hungry!

Maya's presentation made us all hungry!

Manu gave an insightful presentation about Posidonia Oceanica

Manu gave an insightful presentation about Posidonia Oceanica

The experts answered your questions

The experts answered your questions

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