Just opened: The historic First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City

A museum has opened in Oklahoma to tell the stories of the state’s first nation people in new and innovative ways – and from a distinctly Native perspective

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A new museum dedicated to telling the incredible stories of 39 distinctive First American Nations has opened in Oklahoma City.

The First Americans Museum was developed in close collaboration with all the tribal nations in Oklahoma. Its mission is to educate visitors about the unique cultures, history and resilience of the First American nations from a distinctly Native perspective.

Only a few tribal Nations were indigenous to what is now the State of Oklahoma. All others were removed from homelands across the U.S. to Indian Territory within the state. Today, there are 39 distinctive First American Nations in Oklahoma, hence the museum’s motto, ‘One place, many nations.’

Telling stories (Visit OKC and FAM First Americans Museum)

Telling stories (Visit OKC and FAM First Americans Museum)

The First Americans Museum features works of art, interactive media and film designed to engage visitors through sight, sound and touch, to bring to life stories from ancestral origins to the present day.

The museum stands on land previously inhabited by the Apache Tribe, the Caddo Nation, the Tonkawa Tribe and the Wichita Tribes. It also shares a relationship with the Comanche Nation, Kiowa Tribe, the Osage Nation and the Quapaw Tribe, among others.

As well as the museum, the campus boasts a theatre, gallery and restaurant.

Coming soon is a 27 metre-high mound, a tribute to the many Oklahoma Tribes who descend from Mound Builder cultures.

More information: famok.org

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