You’re welcome! The 5 easiest visas to get in the world

Forget the queues, letters of introduction and contrary embassy staff. These visas are issued quickly, with a minimum of fuss and no jumping through hoops, just the way we like it...

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1: Azerbaijan

A cheerful policeman in Azerbaijan (Dreamstime)
Cheerful policeman in Azerbaijan (Dreamstime)

Until recently, Azerbaijan was a stalwart on our 'Hardest Visa To Get' list. Getting a visa to visit the country was a long and torturous process with no guarantee of success. Then the authorities surprised us by introducing an electronic visa.

Overnight, the whole process of getting a visa to Azerbaijan was hugely simplified. Everything is done online and the visa is issued after only 2-4 days. The fees are significantly lower too. These days it costs a measly $20.


2: Cambodia

Traditional Aspara dancers in Siem Reap (Dreamstime)
Traditional Aspara dancers in Siem Reap (Dreamstime)

Cambodia has joined the modern world and introduced an electronic visa too, again making the process simpler and faster. The application only takes 2-3 days and the visa is emailed to you once it’s issued.

Crossing into the country from Vietnam, Laos or Thailand? Not a problem. Cambodian visas can be obtained on arrival at most major border crossings.


3: Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan children celebrating the Katina festival (Dreamstime)
Sri Lankan children celebrating the Katina festival (Dreamstime)

Whether you’re heading to one of its golden beaches or one of its acclaimed National Parks, getting into Sri Lanka has never been easier.

Simply fill in an online form and press 'Enter'. Your Sri Lankan E-Visa will generally be issued within 24 hours, without hassles, interviews or letters. 


4: Tajikistan

A friendly old lady in Khorog, Tajikistan (Dreamstime)
A friendly old lady in Khorog, Tajikistan (Dreamstime)

Last year, Tajikistan introduced an E-visa, simplifying the application process to the point where you can submit your application online with just a copy of your passport.

With one quick stroke, tiresome visits to your local Tajikistan embassy were done away with. The visa is issued in 1-3 days. All you have to do is print it out and take it with you on your trip. Simple and easy, exactly as it should be. 


5: Vietnam

Happy Hmong people in Sapa (Dreamstime)
Happy Hmong people in Sapa (Dreamstime)

How’s this for easy? UK citizens travelling to Vietnam for under 15 days don't need a visa at all. Simply turn up and you’ll be issued an entry stamp on the spot.

Planning to stay in Vietnam a little longer? Visitors who plan to explore the country for up to 30 days can apply for an electronic visa. The processing time is only 1-2 days and the whole process is done online.


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Main image: A passport being stamped by an immigration officer (Dreamstime)

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