Way to ease stress in an airport (dreamstime)
List 06 November

6 ways to ease your airport stresses

No1 Traveller’s Michael Robey tells us how to take the worry out of departures

1. Be in control

Most airport stress relates to not feeling in control. To minimise anxiety, become master of the situation: pack in advance, organise travel documents, check in online, check your flight status beforehand, leave for the airport with time to spare, know your rights in case of delays. Do anything you can to feel you’re in charge.

2. Be transport smart

Research public transport options: pre-book tickets to save time and money, and check for roadworks. If driving, factor in time for car parks, drop off your travel companions so they can start queueing, or book a valet-parking service.

3. Be check-in and security smart

Before you drop off your bags, ensure you’ve attached your luggage labels and tucked in wayward straps. Have documents ready. Avoid queues full of families. Wear slip-on shoes and plastic-buckled belts.

4. Know the rules

Carry-on bag rules vary by airline: check your airline’s policy regarding size, weight and number allowed. Remember that not only is the size of your liquid containers restricted to 100ml, but you can only carry what will fit in one clear plastic bag no bigger than 20x20cm.

5. Book a lounge

Even if you’re not flying Business, you can book an airport lounge. For example, No.1 Traveller has lounges at Heathrow, Gatwick (North and South terminals), Stansted and Birmingham; entry costs from £17.50 for a three-hour stay, including WiFi, drinks and food.

6. Treat yourself

Think of your airport experience as part of your trip and indulge. Have a fancy meal, arrange a spa pamper or bottle of bubbly.

Did you know? Four in ten Britons who have flown find the airport experience stressful: nearly a quarter believe it as stressful as moving house! (Source: CPP Survey)

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