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Discover a little corner of Africa in the Caribbean

Lyn Hughes visits Carriacou in the Caribbean, a small island off Grenada, in search of Big Drum festivals

Approaching Carriacou (fakelvis)

Although just 20 sq km in size, Carriacou – a beautiful island just off Grenada – is rich in cultural heritage. Most of the people here, known as Kayaks, can trace their history back to their slave ancestors, and in turn back to their tribes in West Africa. The island is now famous for its Big Drum dance ceremonies, which are practised at festivals, weddings and other social events, when dancers and drummers celebrate their ancestry and ethnicity.

Even if you are not lucky enough to catch a performance, Carriacou is still very much worth a visit for its unspoiled beaches (it has both white coral and black volcanic ones), its turtles and marine life (fantastic for snorkelling), and, best of all, its easy, laidback charm.

Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust Editor-In-Chief/Publisher

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