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9 of the coolest hotels to visit in winter

From mountain-top towers to teetering tubes and hidden treehouses, we lace up our snow boots and explore some cool lodgings in even cooler climates...

Norway Lighthouse

1. Hotel Ještěd, Czech Republic

Hotel Ještěd, Czech Republic (Hotel Ještěd)

Hotel Ještěd, Czech Republic (Hotel Ještěd)

Hotel Ještěd has been expecting you. Take a thrilling cable-car ride to the summit of Mount Ještěd in the remote northern mountains of the Czech Republic and find this Bond-esque lair stealing the show.

With a 94m TV transmitter, and views spanning as far as Poland and Germany, the hotel beats extreme weather with its award-winning design. Relax in one of its modern or retro rooms, or don a ski suit and glide down the slopes in the shadow of its tower to be the star of your own movie.

Booking info: Rooms stat from £67 per night, breakfast included, available via the Hotel Ještěd official website

2. AuroraHuts, Finland

AuroraHuts (AuroraHuts)

AuroraHuts (AuroraHuts)

Take your Arctic adventure to the next level with AuroraHut right up in Finnish Lapland: mobile mini cabins that travel across snow, ice and water with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring prime northern lights views.

The first of their kind, they come equipped with a composting toilet, electricity, kitchenette and WiFi, meaning you won’t have to leave your warm room to bear the elements.

But if you want to feel the chill, there’s dog sledding, snowshoeing and ice fishing right on your doorstep: you’ll be parked in a choice spot next to frozen Lake Inari.

Booking info: Rooms start from £231 per person per night. Bookings can be made via Aurora Zone.

3. Treehotel, Sweden

On the evergreen outskirts of the Arctic Circle, Sweden’s Treehotel transforms your childhood hangout into a modern-day escape, just an hour’s drive from Luleå.

Among the forest, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of unique lodgings, from the camouflaged Mirrorcube, to the larger-than-life Bird’s Nest and out-of-this world UFO. Get your blood pumping with whitewater rafting, relax with yoga on ice, or spot the local celebrities on a moose safari.

Booking info: Rooms from £379 per night for two people, including breakfast. Make your booking via the Treehotel official website

4. Aurora Bubble Sled, Finland

Aurora Bubble Sled, Finland (Kilpissafarit)

Aurora Bubble Sled, Finland (Kilpissafarit)

Taking the term ‘living in a bubble’ to a new level, the Aurora Bubble Sled is your own glass-covered sleigh.

It’s been towed by snowmobiles into the icy wilderness around Kilpisjärvi, where the lack of light pollution makes for great aurora hunting, and its position close to the border of three countries makes for a fine snowmobiling expedition.

Between snowshoeing tramps, your tour guide will explain the science behind the northern lights and point you north before heading back to camp, leaving you to gaze at the natural wonders overhead.

Booking info: Four-day packages from £1,099pp. Books can be made via Off The Map Travel

5. Hotel Arctic, Greenland

Hotel Arctic, Greenland (Hotel Arctic)

Hotel Arctic, Greenland (Hotel Arctic)

Want to experience a night in an igloo, but not keen on the cold? Enter Hotel Arctic. Swapping the ice blocks for a modern aluminium frame, this hotel’s domes ensure you stay snug and warm after exploring Greenland’s great outdoors.

These fully equipped cabins are located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so keep an eye out for some of the world’s biggest icebergs drifting by. And if you fancy trying the best local produce, look no further than on-site restaurant Ulo, dubbed the “world’s wildest kitchen” by Danish magazine Gastro.

Booking info: Rooms start from £237 per night for two people, available May to October. Book via the official Hotel Arctic website

6. Holmen Husky's Tipi Bungalows, Norway

Holmen Husky's Tipi Bungalows, Norway (Holmen Husky Tipi Bungalow)

Holmen Husky's Tipi Bungalows, Norway (Holmen Husky Tipi Bungalow)

Nowadays almost everything is readily available at the push of a button. But not so at Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta, where guests are offered a more organic, closer-to-nature experience.

Based on the traditional Sami lavvus (tent), these tipi bungalows are equipped with a stove, bed and large windows to take in your surroundings.

However, you’ll have to step out into the bracing fresh air and walk a few metres to eat, shower or use the toilet – as well as to take advantage of the husky-led activities taking you deep into northern Norway.

Booking info: Stay from £80 per night. Only as part of a package, via the Holmen Husky Lodge website

7. Norwegian Wild Lighthouse, Norway

Norwegian Wild Lighthouse, Norway (Norwegian Wild Lighthouse)

Norwegian Wild Lighthouse, Norway (Norwegian Wild Lighthouse)

Enjoy undisturbed 360° views of the northern lights or midnight sun from your very own lighthouse. Norwegian Wild has created this hideaway in a remote spot among Senja Island’s diverse landscapes, found high on Norway’s island-fringed coastline.

Beginning with the boat trip to get there, a stay in this gem will gently lull you into the peacefulness of nature. The island is a great place to recharge your batteries, whether you’re exploring by bike, hiking in Ånderdalen National Park or kayaking the fjords.

Booking info: Rooms start from £217 per night. Book your stay via the Norwegian Wild website

8. Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy

Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy (Francesco Mattuzzi)

Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy (Francesco Mattuzzi)

Be warned, Bivacco Gervasutti’s capsule is not for the faint of heart. Teetering a staggering 2,800m above sea level on the edge of a cliff on the Frebouze Glacier in the Mont Blanc massif, this unique accommodation allows you and 11 friends to sleep (in two dormitories) in the clouds.

Add in great hiking, skiing and snowboarding on the surrounding mountains, and this eco-friendly haven is sure to satisfy the ultimate adrenaline seeker in you.

Booking info: The accommodation is free, but a contribution of £9pp per night is suggested. Book via ecobnb

9. Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland

Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland (ETH Zürich/Tonatiuh Ambrosetti)

Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland (ETH Zürich/Tonatiuh Ambrosetti)

Sitting at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, trekking to the Monte Rosa Hut is an experience in itself, and a mountain guide is recommended for the journey – its difficulty level is ranked at hard.

Don’t let the ascent deter you, though, as your climb will pay off when you encounter the 120-guest capacity lodge. Thanks to an aluminium shell, the building’s structure reflects the surrounding landscape, and produces much of its own energy. It doesn’t just offer easy skis to Zermatt, but is also a good starting point from which to cross over into Italy.

Booking info: From £75 including breakfast and dinner, available from March to September. You can book via Monte Rosa Hut's official website

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