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How to cook Jordanian cuisine like a MasterChef winner

Keri Moss first wowed our tastebuds as winner of MasterChef: The Professionals UK. Now, she's expanding her repertoire to traditional Jordanian cuisine - showing how to cook restaurant-quality food at home...

How to cook Jordanian cuisine like a MasterChef winner
Jordan is famed for its rich and flavorsome food: from delicious Arabian mezze and tasty dips, to delectable street food and fried pastries, or the ancient and traditional cooking method of the zarb (a Bedouin-style barbecue).

Previous MasterChef: The Professionals UK winner Keri Moss talks us through three dishes, all delicious and authentic...

Tomato and rice soup

A fragrant rice soup is the perfect starter for a Jordanian feast. With a mix of flavours from cinnamon to garlic, this is a hearty start to any meal.

Lamb mansaf

This is the national dish of Jordan, a combination of natural yogurt, rice, lamb and almonds, served on a bed of markouk bread.

Almond pudding

The perfect ending to a Jordanian feast is an almond pudding, made with rice, almonds, milk and a hint of rose water.

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