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Inside our reader event: Canada – an evening of exploration with Ray Mears

Missed out on our Canada event? Don’t worry, you can catch up on all the highlights and watch a full recording of the event right here…

Catch up on our Canada reader event

We had over 600 of you tune in to hear Ray Mears’ tales about Canada on Wednesday evening. And what an evening it was! We all left feeling inspired to travel to Canada again as soon as we could, and we’re pretty sure searches to buy canoes surged after the event, too.
If you were unable to join us or want to find out more about the evening, then read on…

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The experts at Audley answer your questions

Please note, all itineraries referenced in the answers are samples only and Audley can tailor the experience to your individual specifications. 

What are your recommendations for seeing polar bears in Churchill? 


Visit Churchill, Manitoba to see polar bears on the edge of Hudson Bay. Here is a guide and here is a sample itinerary. 

We would recommend the Seal River Heritage Lodge if you are looking for walking safaris to see polar bears. 

What are your recommendations for Algonquin Park? 

We would recommend the Killarney Lodge, which is surrounded by forests and a lake. Here you will have your own private cabin and canoe, so you can head out to explore at your leisure. We also offer a three day Pathways of the Algonquin trip, which is great for those wanting to try their hand at kayaking. We would also recommend this Ontario self-drive itinerary. 

Where else would you recommend for canoeing? 

Moraine Lake Lodge is a great place to stay for canoeing in West Canada. Also a good place to stay is Hôtel Sacacomie in Québec where you can spot beavers from your canoe. 

Where are good places to see bears in Canada? 

Take a look at our guide for bear watching in Canada. If you want a chance of seeing the elusive white spirit bears, then we would recommend a stay at Spirit Bear Lodge. Situated on Northern Vancouver Island, Knight Inlet Lodge is also an excellent place for seeing bears in the wilderness. 

What travel experiences would you suggest for the Yukon? 

Visiting the Yukon is a great chance to truly get off the beaten track and see some incredible mountain scenery. Have a look at this sample itinerary. Be sure to check out our British Columbia and northern lights adventure tour to add some real magic to your trip. 

What would you recommend for Nova Scotia? 

It’s so quick to fly there! We would definitely suggest doing it by car. There’s some wonderful little B&Bs and lodges where you can stay. We’ve got a great itinerary called the Maritime Treasures, which we definitely suggest you have a look at. Newfoundland is also wonderful.

What route would you suggest for a history buff? 

Our Into Canada’s Northwest Passage tour will allow you to follow in the footsteps of 19 and 20 Century explorers, cruise past icebergs, see whales and bears, and if you’re lucky, see the northern lights. Embarking on a rail journey is also a great way to soak up the country's history. 

Do you have any advice for disabled travellers in Canada? 

We can tailor trips specifically to the client needs and we never have any issues with this.  This would need to be a conversation, so get in contact with us directly. 



Can you give 4 or 5 top places on Vancouver Island and when is best to go?

I would say Tofino is my favourite spot, Victoria is great for whale watching, Campbell River or Telegraph Cove for Bears and Port Renfrew for something a bit quieter. 

What are the must see destinations on the Atlantic Coast?

For Scandinavian-like landscape then Newfoundland is lovely. Cape Breton in Nova Scotia is the best for Moose spotting. 

Is it possible to travel in and around Nunavut?

Take a look at this itinerary for Nunavut. 

If we are only going to visit Canada once, which trip should we opt for? The place is so huge we don't know where to start!

That would depend completely on what you like to see and do whilst you're away. Canada is enormous so each part of the country offers different things, from wildlife viewing, culture, spectacular scenery and much, much more! We can build a trip that's designed around you so please do give us a call if you think it's something you'd like to explore further.

Any recommendations for keen mountain lovers other than Banff and Jasper?

Joffre Lakes, The Laurentians and Mount Washington on Vancouver Island are all some great mountain spots- not quite as grand as the Rockies but much quieter!

Is Jasper National park worth visiting?

Jasper is home to some of the most picturesque spots in the Rockies, so if you enjoy beautiful scenery, walking, admiring ancient glaciers and spotting lots of wildlife then it's a great spot! We can recommend other areas of Canada that offer similar experiences if Jasper doesn't fit into your perfect trip.

What about wilderness holidays for families, i have an adventurous 12 and eight-year-old. 

Canada is an incredible destination for families - especially adventurous ones! The Rockies offer lots of activities like white water rafting, hiking, canoeing, horse-riding, ziplining and much more! Here's a page with some more information


What did you have to say?



Really interesting hearing Ray' talking about Canada.

This has been fantastic. Truly interesting.

Thank you that was very interesting! I am due to be in the rockies in February if I can!

Thank you so much Ray you are amazing and tell great stories. 

Huge thanks to all for this fascinating hour!

Thank you so much all three of you . Great session as always.

 A look inside the evening

Lyn Hughes gave us a warm welcome

Lyn Hughes gave us a warm welcome

Ray Mears shared his stories of Canada

Ray Mears shared his stories of Canada

Ray told us about igloos

Ray told us about igloos

Ray shared his advice on bear spotting

Ray shared his advice on bear spotting

The evening ended with a chance for you to ask your questions

The evening ended with a chance for you to ask your questions

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