Catch me if you can (Montasio massif, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy) by Stefano Zocca
Interview 02 March

Catch me if you can: Story behind the photo

Stefano Zocca, winner of the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year 2013 Visitors' Vote, tells the story of his crowd-pleasing image

This shot was the highlight of a beautiful day in the Julian Alps. I was excited about the prospect of seeing the Ibex and decided to a take my son, Pietro, with me so that he could experience the thrill of watching these creatures in their natural environment.

That day the animals were particularly numerous and “sociable” so I began to take pictures with my trusty Nikon. Spurred on by my son, I positioned myself on the edge of a ravine in order to photograph some Ibex balancing on a narrow ledge. They scampered about without fear or uncertainty, making it look easy and not at all dangerous, but I felt afraid for them nonetheless!

At one point an Ibex paused a few metres away from me. Just as I was framing it in the viewfinder, it turned to me and stared for a few seconds as if to see if I would follow. That was the magic moment. I feel lucky to have captured it on film.

The visitors' vote 

Stefano's playful image was voted visitors' favourite by the thousands of you who came to see our Travel Photo of the Year exhibition at London's Destinations Holiday and Travel Show.

"I'm really happy to know that my photo strikes the imagination", said Stefano "The wish of every photographer is to excite the viewer. Thanks to all who voted."

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