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Can you match the slogan to the country?

Tourist boards all over the world hope that their pithy slogans sum up their nation perfectly. But do they? See if you can match the slogan to the country

More fun in the Philippines (Philippines Board of Tourism)

Tourist boards the world over spend millions of dollars on slogans that they hope will encapsulate just what it is that is so special about their country and entice you to come and visit. 

Sometimes, it's not altogether clear what they were thinking. How many of the following slogans can you correctly match to the country it came from? (You'll find the answers below...)

1. And you think you've done it all?

a) USA  b) Abu Dhabi  c) Italy

2. A new Mediterranean love

a) Malta  b) Sicily c)  Albania

3. Arrive and revive

a) Austria  b) Singapore  c) Maldives

4. The only risk is wanting to stay

a) England  b) Russia  c) Colombia

5. The Mediterranean as it once was

a) Italy  b) Croatia  c) Malta

6. Impressive!

a) El Salvador  b) USA  c) Mongolia

7. Best enjoyed slowly

a) France  b) Wales  c) Latvia

8. See it! Feel it! Love it!

a) Sweden  b) Malaysia  c) Lithuania

9. It's a pleasure

a) The Netherlands  b) Mauritius  c) Thailand

10. The country that travels within you

a) Colombia  b) Nepal  c) Morocco

11. Once is not enough

a) Nepal  b) Thailand  c) Bulgaria

12. Tourism is life

a) India  b) France  c) Nigeria

13. Beauty has an address

a) Oman  b) Venezuela  c) Thailand

14. You have to feel it!

a) Paraguay  b) Russia  c) Canada

15. As independent as you are 

a) USA  b) Qatar  c) Norway

16. Little big country

a) Slovakia  b) Luxembourg  c) Lesotho

17. It’s possible

a) Azerbaijan  b) South Africa  c) North Korea

18. Get natural.

a) Sweden  b) Switzerland  c) Germany

19. Yours to discover

a) Ukraine  b) Georgia  c) Latvia


1. (b) Abu Dhabi 

2. (c) Albania 

3. (a) Austria

4. (c) Colombia

5. (b) Croatia

6. (a) El Salvador

7. (c) Latvia

8. (c) Lithuania

9. (b) Mauritius

10. (c) Morocco

11. (a) Nepal

12. (c) Nigeria

13. (a) Oman

14. (a) Paraguay

15. (b) Qatar

16. (a) Slovakia

17. (b) South Africa

18. (b) Switzerland

19. (a) Ukraine

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