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List Words : Best books from Stanfords | 14 January

5 books to help you learn a new skill

Want to learn something new in 2013? Pick up one of these guidebooks from Stanfords to help you improve your languages, bushcraft knowledge, climbing skills, cycling techniques and more

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Lonely Planet Phrasebooks1. Learn a new language

Lonely Planet Phrasebooks (from £3.19)

Lonely Planet Phrasebooks are not only an extensive list of useful phrases, but also an ideal tool to start getting to grips with a language and beginning two-way communication. Containing excellent sections on language basics such as numbers, question phrases, dates, phrase construction, grammar and pronunciation, as well as containing concise but well-rounded two-way dictionaries, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks enable you to quickly and confidently construct your own phrases in addition to those given.

The given phrases cover all the essential travel and tourism categories such as transport, communications, business meetings and accommodation, as well as in-depth categories such as health, food and social interaction.

The phrasebooks are well designed, well structured and clearly categorised, making it easy to find the information you need quickly. Useful background information is given throughout the phrasebooks, giving you quick tips on culture, customs and etiquette.

Bushcraft Survival

2. Skills in the wild

Bushcraft Survival (Ray Mears; BBC Books; £20)

From the Hudson Bay in Canada, via Tanzania and the jungles of Venezuela, to the moors and highlands of Britain, Ray Mears explores a range of locations and techniques from indigenous peoples.

Drawing on centuries of knowledge as well as his own experience, Ray demonstrates how our enjoyment of the wilderness comes through respect for our surroundings and the people, plants and animals that live there.

Travel photography3. Improve your travel snaps

Footprint's Travel Photography (Steve Davey; Footprint; £19.99)

Footprint’s Travel Photography brings you the benefit of renowned photographer Steve Davey’s vast experience of travelling the world, from the frozen Arctic wastes to the lush islands of Vanuatu. This stunning new pictorial guide includes sections on which equipment to take on a trip and how to keep it safe, how to get the most from your camera and practical tips and encouragement on a multitude of different picture taking scenarios.

Davey focuses on how to make your pictures look more real and also how to make money from your snaps once you return home. Unique sections throughout the guide give specific information for users of both compact digital and film SLR cameras, as well as users of digital SLRs. There are also many tips and hints for shooting RAW as well as a complete section on processing RAW files and editing your pictures with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Whatever your level of photographic skills, this guide is essential to make the most of your photographs both while travelling and on your return.

Rock and wall climbing4. Get to grips with climbing

Rock & Wall Climbing (New Holland; £8.99)

Now fully updated to include the very latest advice and equipment, this practical, illustrated guide provides the ideal introduction to the challenging, exciting skill of climbing, an ever-popular sport that attracts more and more enthusiasts every year. Like any adventure sport, climbing has its fair share of associated risks, particularly for the untrained or unwary.

Written by an experienced climber and instructor, this book offers reassuring step-by-step instructions, with practical advice on all aspects of safety and training. The informative text is complemented by clear illustrations and superb, commissioned photography. Equipment, emergency and rescue techniques, training schedules, and guidelines on environment and ethics are all included. For beginners and intermediate climbers alike, Rock & Wall Climbing is an indispensable and motivating guide.

UK Breaks with Bikes5. Hit the road on two wheels

UK Breaks with Bikes (Rough Ride Guides; £24.95)

This guidebook to mountain bike breaks around the United Kingdom has over 100 top rides around the country, so you can ride the best trails around whether you use the book to plan a cycling specific trip or you just happen to be in the area.

The routes are presented on water resistant, removable pages, made with Ordnance Survey mapping and with extension and shortcut options. Rough Ride Guides have also included plenty of family friendly riding and options, as well as information on the man-made trail centres and even some suggested road trips.

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