Watch: 9 Wanderlust virtual events to inspire your travels

Get inspired for your next great adventure by catching up on our Wanderlust virtual events, full of incredible videos, exciting stories and expert advice

4 mins

Japan through the seasons

Be transported around Japan by travel journalist Rebecca Hallett, taking us on a journey to remember. Her inspirational presentation will take you through each season of this incredible country, with Rebecca’s top recommendations, personal stories some brilliant visuals.

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Canada's Wildlife Wonders

Treat yourself to the blue skies, whale tails and the bears of Canada in our wildlife wonders event. Hear from award-winning writer Mark Carwardine on his passion for wales and where to spot them, and conservation biologist Melanie Clapham who knows Canada's bears like the back of her hand. 

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Exploring Oman's wild side

Go beyond Muscat to take a look at Oman’s nature, wildlife and space for adventure across its mountains, desert and coast. Award-winning journalist Phoebe Smith shares her tales of searching for the Omani leopard, and a local wildlife guide reveals their first-hand knowledge of the country’s incredible wildlife and birdwatching guests.

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The travel secrets of Papua New Guinea

This virtual tour of Papua New Guinea will treat you to fascinating videos, an insightful talk from award-winning travel writer Mark Stratton and heaps of knowledge from our expert panel. Located just nort​h of Australia in the Coral Sea, Papua New Guinea is a truly off-the-beaten track country hiding an extraordinary culture, spectacular wildlife and some of the world’s best diving sites.

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The beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel

We can't think of anywhere better to be virtually transported to than the Sunshine State. With sugar sand beaches and crystalline waters, spinach-green mangrove forests and hundreds of kilometres of wooded cycling and hiking trails, the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel offer a quieter, less crowded and more authentic side of Florida. Wildlife enthusiasts can expect to see manatees, dolphins, otters, turtles and a vast array of birdlife. 

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Thailand is back

Post-lockdown, Thailand is opening its doors to travellers in a safe, sustainable way and is ensuring it is easier than ever to be a responsible traveller. There is so much that is worth exploring and protecting in Thailand, from its pristine landscapes and rare wildlife to its rich cultural heritage. During this virtual event, our Thailand experts share what you can expect from Thailand in 2022 and beyond, and how you can enjoy its diverse experiences with the lightest of footprints. 

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Uncover Guyana: Land of the giants

With spectacular wildlife and colourful birdlife, our virtual Guyana event is full of wonderful memories, expert advice and recommendations, plus you can find out how your tourism benefits the local communities and visitors.

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Exploring the islands of Malta

With talks on the history of Maltese gin, an insight into the traditional gastronomy, and an exploration of Malta’s UNESCO-listed sites, our virtual Malta event is as much educational as it was inspirational. 

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Immerse yourself in Austria's nature

Be immersed in Austria’s nature as we are virtually transported to the country’s incredible hiking trails. With Alpine forests, cloud-piercing peaks, fresh mountain air and crashing waterfalls, Austria makes for a hiking adventure like no other. Find the perfect Austrian trek for you by watching our inspiring videos, seeing our incredible photos and hearing personal hiking stories and advice from our Austria experts.

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